Diverse Payment Terms

For clients who need to go through thorough currency restriction before import, we are here to assist and provide every necessary documents for you.


For long term cooperated clients, high risk payment term such as D/P, is also accepted. When transation is easy, we are happy to provide more competitive price, when the trading environment getting harsh, we are still here to continue business as possible as we could.


Here is a recent example of business between my Pakistan client and me, based on D/P payment term.


M is our long term client who we have been conducting business for almost six years. In the late 2018, Pakistan is under stricter import policy, it’s not easy for M to purchase with US dollar. Every transaction needs to based on D/P at sigh term, which is risky for seller.  Though order value is not much, considering M is trustworthy clients for long time, we decide to ship the order through formal export process based on D/P.


bank slip
bank received our documents