Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer 1400 Hour Maintenance

Despite Linx CIJ printer with sealed print head, it doesn’t mean you could leave your Linx continuous inkjet printer working 24/7 without maintenance. Like any other CIJ printers, proper maintenance is the best way to extend printer life span.

When your Linx continuous inkjet printer work for more than 1400 hours, when the consumable become too thin to work, it’s time to call for a maintenance job.If there is not any problem, you just need to empty consumables, replace Linx filters, pre-charge filter and adjust circuits.

If you find there is problem in printhead, we could offer used printhead for replacement, tested before delivery and with 12 months warranty. Compatible Linx filter kits, electro valve, keypad, consumables, sure fill codes are also available.

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