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Languagues for Domino A100 Printer that We Have

Some of my clients ask if we can provide software with his language to him, because he can’t find the language he want either on the printer system or on the software.

We are always happy to help our customers, but if we don’t have the languague you are looking for, I’m afraid we can’t help either. Here are the languague we have for Domino A100 printer, it cludes English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portugese, Chinese. Please kindly refer to below youtube video.


If you are in need of other languague for Linx, Markem Imaje etc, please feel free to contact us, let’s have a look.

Compatible and Original Domino A320i Ink Module

I’m not going to lie, some of our compatible inkjet spare parts are just, how to put it, not as detail oriented as the original ones. I always have confidence in our plastic related parts, as we produce them by ourselves, but then my client Dave complained about our compatible Domino A320i i-tech Ink Module, I know we still have room for improvement.

Compatible Domino A320i Ink Module
Compatible Domino A320i Ink Module

As you can see, there are some bumps in the outlets, which don’t affect the performance of the module, but cause certain difficulty in installation. Most of my clients are fine with these small flaws, while some expect more from our compatible parts, such as technician Dave, he even pointed out how the bumps are caused.

Original A320i Ink Module
Original A320i Ink Module

Despite we would like to even the bumps, our mold determines the size of the outlets, so it’s sad that there is nothing we can improve in the production process.

If you are looking for a high quality A320i ink module, I would suggest the original one to you. The outlets are smooth, and it works fine. The only thing is we have to cut off half of the label, hope you would not mind.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Original Marsh Ink Available

Videojet Marsh Ink 20943 Original New

Do you provide original Vieojet marsh ink? Yes we do.

We produce our own ink and make up compatible to CIJ printers like Domino, Videojet, Linx, Hitachi and Markem Imaje. Let us know the liquid model, or tell us where the ink and make up will be applied on(plastic, glass, carton, metal etc), we will offer the right type of liquds to you.

Apart from compatible ink and make up, we can provide original liquids too. Like original V411, V420 with countdown chip, Marsh 20943 etc.

Please contact us befor placing an urgent order of original ink and solvent, for some of the original liquis, leadtime could be up to 2 weeks.

Save Some Money to Repair the Domino A320i Pump by Yourself

We have been selling the compatible Domino A series pump repair gear kit for years, the kit includes total 16 pieces of gadget, that you can choose to buy a whole kit or just some of the gears or screws.

Domino A320i A420I Pump Repair Kit

Now the compatible pump repair gear kit for Domino newer model A320i is ready too. It includes two gears only. Instead of buying a new pump, we could fix the pump issue by replacing the worn out gears, which save us money and gives you a sense of fulfillment if you enjoy solving engineering problems.

Please feel free to contact us for more info.

The Difference Between an Original & Compatible Domino LCD Display

Comparison of original & compatible Domino LCD

From the video, we can clearly see that the first LCD is of original, it’s bright. The second and third LCD is compatible, it can work, but with a dark shadow cover on it. What can we say, some compatible spare parts are just not as good as the original ones.

If this dark shadow bothers you a lot, we are sorry that so far it will continue to exist until we find a way to improve the production technology.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Refurbished MI IC60 Module Before and After

This is a refurbished IC60 ink circuit in our stock, it’s a little bit mess. But after cleaning, you will find it completely look different.

IC60 Ink Circuit Before Cleaning
IC60 Ink Circuit Before Cleaning
IC60 After Cleaning
IC60 After Cleaning

Voila, isn’t she look much nicer, it’s clean and tidy after proper cleaning. Before we tidy it up, we test and run the IC60 for a few days before delivery. As we can see the parameters are within normal range, then we pack and deliver it to you.

Actually, all the refurbished parts will be tested before delivery, you will see the serial number and the parameter on monitor, so that we know we are getting a good, functioning part.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

One Less Model to Think of When We Purchase the Compatible Videojet Ink Core Board

As I always stress that there are 5 different compatible Videojet ink core board models, type A, B, C, D & E. We need to sort out which type of ink core board we are using now, then purchase the match one accordingly. Now we don’t have to worry all 5 types of ink core board finally, because type D and E are compatible. Both type D and E ink core board are of smaller size compared to the other models, so if you are looking for a smaller Videojet ink core board, we could offer you a compatible type E board without further detail related questions. If you are looking for the standard A, B & C type of Videojet ink core board, then we really need to look carefully into the circuit of the boards and tell which type is it before purchasing.

Comaptible Videojet Inkcore Board Type E
Comaptible Videojet Inkcore Board Type E
Comaptible Videojet Inkcore Board Type D
Comaptible Videojet Inkcore Board Type D

Or better, you could simply drop us a picture of the ink core board you are using now, then we will send you a right one asap. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

We Guarantee You Are Getting a Good Quality Spare Part

We have been selling compatible & refurbished/new original spare parts for continuous inkjet parts for years, we know more or less what you worry about when you place order for expensive spare parts, what if I get a faulty part that fails to work, will there be any help for trouble shooting, can I return it if I don’t want the part since it’s not working.

Well, let me get all these questions straight here so that we will be on the same page of what we are getting.

No matter the spare part you purchased costs $5 or $500, we will send pictures to you for quality approval before delivery, if there is a serial number on the spare part, we will include it in a close up picture. When the parts reach your place, we could provide online guidance & trouble shooting if you have questions about installation or other related issues (Please note that we are happy to help with any CIJ printer issues, but what we could offer is guidance, not step by step instruction, please do find someone with basic understanding of your printer to undertake the maintenance work). If our spare part doesn’t fit with your printer, we accept return & refund as long as the part is intact, not damaged during the service work.

According to our company policy, warranty for refurbished parts are of 3 months, compatible parts of 6 months, but we know sometimes you purchase the parts in stock and may apply them several months later, please let us know the condition of the parts, we are always happy to come up with a solution that makes both parties satisfied.

It’s Not a Blank Vidoejet Memory Card

You may wonder is it a blank or with pre-install program memory card, cause from the outside, we can’t tell if there is any program written in it. Here I’m going to tell you, yes there is pre-install program in the memory card, it’s not a blank one. Just plug it on the main board, it will go.

Actually this Videojet memory card we sell is of original new, not compatible, so please be assured to place an order here.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we could have a quick look where the printer goes wrong before selling you any spare parts.

Which Kind of ENM5044 Electrovalve You’ve Sent Me?

By simply looking at the appearance of the Markem Imaje ENM5044 electrovalves, we can’t tell which one is of original, standard compatible or compatible with better quality. So you may wonder, how I know, which ENM5044 you have sent me.

The most vital part of a MI ENM5044 electrovalve lies in its inner core, despite we can’t tell the three types of ENM5044 apart by their appearance at one, you will know which one you get once you apply it on the printer.

Better Quality Compatible ENM5044
Better Quality Compatible ENM5044
Standard Compatible ENM5044 Electrovalve
Standard Compatible ENM5044 Electrovalve

The original ENM5044 is the most satisfied, it works smoothly and with longer working life. The compatible Markem Imaje electrovalves, to be honest, performs not as good as the original one, but the better quality one seldom goes faulty.

Original ENM5044 Markem Imaje Electrovalve
Original ENM5044 Markem Imaje Electrovalve

So will this piece of news assures you that you will exactly get the ENM5044 you pay for? Well, as we are looking for long term business, we promise you will get what you pay for. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.