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Save Up to $200 for a Refurbished Videojet Ink Core

Refurbished Inkcore Without Pump
Refurbished Inkcore Without Pump
refurbished inkcore with pump
refurbished inkcore with pump

When your Videojet ink core needs to be replaced, by checking if the pump works or not, could save you up to $200. As the pump seldom goes wrong, if we could continue to harness it, why hurry for a replacement. But how do we know if the pump is working? Well, there is a simple way to figure it out, by hearing the sound of the pump. Whilst the pump is working, if we listen carefully, we will notice the pump produce a small noise, which means it is working fine; if there is no sound generated by the pump at all, then we need to buy a refurbished ink core with pump then. We have two types of pump for you to choose, one is compatible, the other is refurbished original. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Videojet 1530 Main Board Version 5 Available

We finally have the newest Videojet version 5 main board. Please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

There are total 5 versions of the Videojet main board. If you are not so sure about which version you need, please send us a picture of the board you are applying now, then we will know.

I would suggest that a refurbished board will be good enough for most of us. Before delivery, I will take a picture of the main board so that you can double check with the configuration and part number etc.

Videojet 1530 Version 5 Main Board
1530 Refurbished Main Board Version 5

Please feel free to drop us an inquiry now. 🙂

How Many Hours In This Chip

Compatible Videojet V705-D Chip

Last Tuesday, a client asked me, how many hours do your comptible V705-D Videojet countdown chip have. As I was packing the chips to another customer, I took a picture and sent it to him. We programed this V705-D Chips on 20th Feb 2021, and it shows it will expire on 20th Mar 2024. Though the chip is called “countdown chip”, we set an expire date in it instead of making it to countdown.

For the most of the compatible Videojet chips, like V410, V705, V411 etc, it’s safe to say that they will expire in 2 years(they actually work longer than 24 months). If you want to know a specific chip’s lasting hours, please feel free to contact us.

Vidoejet Pump with & without Motor for Choose

When you exam your videojet 1000 series CIJ printer, find out that despite the pump stops working, the motor actually still performs perfectly. So all you need is a new pump head, not an entire pump set with motor. Well, we offer the pump head & motor seperately to solve this dilemma. By providing two options, the pump head, and the pump head with motor, we could save some money on just buying the right spare part for us, also delivery cost less too.

Both of our pump head & motor are compatible to Videojet 1000 Series CIJ printers, such as 1210, 1220, 1510, 1520, 1610,1620 etc; If you want to know more about them, please fill in below contact form and we will reply you asap.

We Don’t Have a Comptible Markem Imaje ENM27186, But We Got Refurbished

A Markem Imaje 9040 Connector

Have you ever seen this ENM27186 before? If yes, then congrations my friend, you are an excellent technician for Markem Imaje; If no, never mind, I myself did not even know what these connectors look like until last Chrismas.

To be fair, hardly any client asks for this ENM27186 connector, it’s so rare that we don’t even have compatible one. When my client insisted that he needs this connector, we sold a refurbished one to him.

If you happen to look for a durable Markem Imaje spare part, which doesn’t require frequent replacement & therefore difficult to buy it on line, please feel free to contact us. Even if we are not able to provide you with a compatible part, we will always have a refurbished one.

Compatible M6 with 6000 Hours Available Now

We finally finish testing of the compatible new M6 module with 6000 service hours, what a great news. We used to offer original new and refurbished M6 module, they work absolutely perfect, but not everyone would like to spend a fortune to buy an original new one and the refurbished one is sometimes difficult to deliver. Because we have to run the refurbished M6 on printer before delivery, and our tech usually leaves some ink in it in case the module get blocked after a long journey, which leads to one problem, it may not be able to get on board for it contains ink.

M6 leaks when reach shipping agent's warehouse
sometimes ink leaks and shipping agent refuses to delivery it

So a compatible new M6 module without any ink in it is perfect, its price is reasonable and easy to deliver. Drop us inquiry now.

A Stronger Type of Vacuum Pump for MI White Pigment

As white pigment is thicker than standard black ink, the pigment is easliy stuck on the pump head which leads to the pump fails to work. By applying compatible standard pump head ENM4259 on pigment Markem Imaje printer, it could work for one or two weeks, but then stop, for it’s not designed to bear with such cohisive liquids.

ENM4295 Vacuum Pump
ENM4295 Vacuum Pump

For this issue, we have developed a stronger type of vaccum pump for the pigment printer. It’s been tested & performs well. It’s comptible Markem Imaje 9040 & 9450C continuous inkjet pigment printer.

9040 9450C Vacuum Pump for Pigment
9040 9450C Vacuum Pump for Pigment

If you want to know more about this stronger vacuum pump, please feel free to contact us.

What Should We Pay Attention To When We Buy a Linx 4900 Pump

Linx 4900 Pump wiht Motor
Refurbished Linx 4900 Pump wiht Motor

There are two types of Linx pump assy for 4900/7300, one with long rotor and the other with short rotor. When you are going to order the Linx pump assy, please send us the picture of the pump you are currently use, so that we can tell if it’s with long or short motor. By this way, we could avoid sending the wrong pump to you, despite both pumps are of the same price.

Some client prefer refurbished original pumps, while some go for compatible ones, which is more affordable and perform no less than the original ones. If you happen to look for Linx 4900 7300 7900 etc pump with or without motor, please feel free to contact us.

Please Check Your Package Before Signing

We always pack all the parts carefully and deliver via reliable courier companies like DHL, Fedex & UPS, sometimes EMS if you insist. Despite we send you the inkjet printer spare part pictures for last approval before delivery & choose good service courier companies, we can’t rule out the chance that some parts are just get broken during the transportation. Take this compatible Domino A320i ink module for example.

Here are our pictures before delivery.

But this is what my customer sent me.

A320i Cartrige Missing a Tube
Compatible A320i Ink Module Went Broken

It’s very upsetting to see inkjet spare parts arrived broken, espeically we have done everything we could to prevent such unhappy thing from happening. It’s difficult to ask courier company to refund, most costs are shared by buyer & seller, but if we could check the parcel before signing, at lease we may be able to lessen our lost a little bit.

We Are Working on This Videojet Countdown Chip

Some of you may come across this new Vidoejet countdown chip, and need a replacement. Unfortunately, we don’t have cracked it yet, but we are already working on it.

After our compatible countdown chips for Videojet pass our tests and perform stably, will we release them to market. We will keep you informed about the latest update of chips’ testing.

In the meanwhile, if you are interested in other after market Videojet 1000 series spare parts, please feel free to contact us.