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We Are Here to Deliver

Hi guys, have a good shopping time on Black Friday?

Here is a little update about the latest delivery situation. Please prepare yourself for a longer deliver time, it will take about 3 more days than usually. Because parcels for Black Friday, Christmas & New Year are piling up waiting to be on board, and air flights are always in short this year.

However, we will try our best to shorten the local delivery time, we can’t urge DHL/Fedex/UPS, but we can pack faster and deliver by the fastest local courier company(apart from refurbished parts or printers, we will carry a thorough test before delivery even it’s time consuming).

This is a challenging year for all of us, let’s gather ourselves, provide better service and good products, together we hope for a better 2021.

All The Caps You Are Looking For

Compatible Domino Cap
Compatible Domino A Series Cap for 825ml Cartridge
Compatible Domino Cap A320i A420i
Compatible Domino A320i A420i Cap
Compatible Markem Imaje Videojet Cap
Compatible Markem Imaje & Videojet Cap
Compatible Hitachi Cap
Compatibel Hitachi Cartridge Cap

Caps for continuous inkjet printer cartridges. We got compatible caps to Domino, Markem Imaje, Videojet, Hitachi etc. For the Videojet & Markem Imaje caps, you may need a compress clamp to help with the sealing.

For empty cartridges & liqudis, please feel free to contact us.

The Differences Between Markem Imaje Main Filter ENM5934 & ENM37176

Markem Imaje Main Filter ENM5934 & ENM37176
ENM5934 & ENM37176

Here is our compatible ENM5934 & ENM37176 main ink filter for Markem Imaje, do you wonder why two main filters look exactly the same, but got two different part numbers. Are they the same part with different part number?

You know what, at first I’m confuse too, until one of my clients asked me to send him 20 pieces of compatible Markem Imaje main ink filter for white pigment, then I realise, it’s not ENM5934, which I usually sold to him, but ENM37176 that he was looking for this time.

We really can’t tell these two Markem Imaje main filters apart from the appearance, but the are not the same from the inside. ENM5934 is designed for black ink, which has a finer inner filtering material of 10 micron; ENM37176 on the other hand, if for white pigment Markem Imaje CIJ printer, which with 20 micron inner filtering.

Now are we clear?

The Compatible Part Is Too Weak? We Got Refurbished One For You

Most of our compatible spare parts for CIJ printers(Domino, Linx, Markem Imaje, Videojet, Hitachi, etc) such as filter, fan, keyboard membrane, empty cartridge, chip, etc are fine.They are not as good as the original parts, but not much less than them, you don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of night to fix them. Actually you don’t have to worry at all, we have them all tested before launching to market, besides, our technicians are using them in domestic factories too.

However, not every technician shares the same maintenance experience. Take this FA73006 Linx 3-way connector. Our technicians think it’s fine, but my client bets a diffeent.

Compatible Linx FA73006 3 Way Connector(3MM)

The compatible FA73006 is made of plastic, which is too weak to replace the original one made of metal. So if you prefer an original one, please let us know, we always have refurbished parts.

Refurbished Original FA73006

Another example goes all the way around. Our technician prefer a refurbish pump membrane, because it’s harder and is able to provide higher pressure, while my client choose the softer compatible one.

Hitachi 451586 Compatible Pump Membrane

In the end, it’s you who is doing the on site maintenance work, and your opinion towards the compatible or refurbished parts that matters. Feel free to contact us & let us know which one do you like.

CIJ Printer Stand Compatible to EC Jet

You probably want to buy new EC Jet printers for your project. It’s similar to Linx, which you are already familiar with, and most importantly, its price is so friendly.

Howeve, when you really commit yourself to buy a EC Jet & read more information, you will notice a printhead stand doesn’t come with the package. If you want a printhead stand, you have to spend extra money on it, which is same as buying a Linx printer too.

After knowing this, we present you our printhead stand compatible to EC Jet, it’s affordable & durable, weights roughly 6kg with packing.

If you want to know more compatible or refurbished continuous inkjet printer spare parts, please feel free to contact us.

The LCD Doesn’t Light Up, Do I Need To Buy A New One?

Hi Connie, I’ve installed a new mainboard in my Markem Imaje 9040 printer, then the LCD & the fan stop working anymore, does it mean there is something wrong with the mainboard, would you please quote a refurbished one to me?

No rush my friend. Don’t sentence the mainboard so fast, it may just has some communication issues with the connection board, since it belongs to another printer before.

It’s like connecting your TV set with a new remote control, you have to build a bridge to enable them to understand with each other, then you can switch channels with the new remote control. Likewise, when you install a refurbished mainboard to another printer, you have to teach/program it to speak the same languague with the printer, only after that can the mainboard sends directions without any languague barrier.

So how could we build the communication bridge? Firstable we need a USB that come with the printer, then save the printing matrix info, and now we can start to refresh the printer system by the program inside the USB. Simple right.

If I haven’t explained this detail enough, or you wonder what’s the program, please feel free to contact us. It can save some dollars if we just need to fix the boards straight, instead of buy a new one.

Potential Problems of Our Compatible Markem Imaje Pressure Pump

the height should be 3.5cm

This is a sequence post of my last post What If the White Pigment Markem Imaje Shows No Pressure.

The thing is, after my client, let’s call him A, told me that the pump was no long working, we sent a new one to him and he was kind enough to send back the faulty white pigment pump to us, for our technician wanted to check the pump by himself to see where went wrong. Suprisingly, the pump worked perfectly when we tested it on our Markem Imaje printer. So it remains a unsolved mistery why it didn’t work on my client’s printer.

Then last Friday, A told me the pump went faulty again. 😦 I feel awkward since I really don’t know why the new pump goes wrong, and the problem may not lies on the pump. So I asked our technician is there any potential problems that A can check on site? Above picture is the answer.

The gap between the flange & the magnetic range(sorry for not giving the technical name of these two parts, but you know what I mean, right) should be 3.5cm. You could try fix the hight of the gap and check if the magnetic range is properly installed.

If you already purchased from us, or are going to purchase a pump for Markem Imaje white pigment CIJ printer, please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

You Could Work Better with the Right Tools

Work Better with the Right Tool
Work Better with the Right Tool

Are you a technician working on continuous inkjet printers like Domino, Linx, Videojet, Markem Imaje, etc? If yes, what’s your most un-wanted scenarios? Nozzles’ blocking, pumps’ failing, filters’ oozing ink etc. With the right tools, you could work much easier & earn more.

Give a shot to our compatible CIJ spare parts, they are 100% compatible & not compromise in quality. All of them are tested before launching to market, you don’t have to worry about being called back to repair the printer suddently while drinking beer at Friday afternoon. Besides, you could save up more money with the compatible parts, which work the same as original parts, but at a much more user-friendly price.

Try our compatible CIJ spare parts, you won’t regret the choice. See how other clients commented on our products & service.

Comments from Clients

I Mean It, Please Don’t Buy Refurbished CJ400

CJ400 is one of the lightest Linx CIJ printer model, which is so compact that many of you may have already had one. If your Linx CJ400 is working well, please kee up with the routine maintenance work & keep the printer running ; If not, but you find yourself already get used to the CJ400 operation & don’t want to switch to another model, then you might probably think of buying a refurbished one, which is cheaper & workable.

As a supplier who sold three refurbished CJ400 printer in total, all I want to say is, would you prefer 4900, 6900 or 7900, they work well & we have them in stock. CJ400 is an innovative model, but with a not so stable system. And the outter cover is made of plastic, which is light but delicate during transportation.

Here is my experience of selling the refurbished CJ400, which is a unfortunate story, in summary, it’s how I from gaining 5% profit to lost money in selling them. Before delivery, technician tested the two CJ400. Everything is fine.

CJ400 Testing Video

Then we deliver them by DHL, the covers are broken when client received them, and some faulty warning pop up during testing. So I send some refurbished parts, such as a mainboard, a cable, covers for replacement. Sadly, when we fix one problem, another pops up showing something wrong with the mainboard.

I’m not saying Linx CJ400 is not good, if yours is working perfectly, then keep it going, if not & you are considering a refurbished Linx model, please try any models other than CJ400, it’s good for both of us.

Let’s Stuff the Space with Blowers & Washing Bottles

Thank you guys for continue to order & purchase from us.

It’s a difficult year, many businesses are close & maybe never will be open again. It’s a struggling time for all of us, but we make it till now.

To give a little applaud to all of us, we decided to send some small gifts along with the parcel for all of our long term cooperated friends. If there is some room in the carton, no worries, we will fill it with washing bottles, blowers, coasters or other small gifts.

Let’s pray that together we will walk through all this fuss & have a blooming business. By the way, what kind of gifts do you guys like? Something related to the CIJ field or maybe something like the coaster? Give me a headsup if you are available. I’m going to stock more for Christmas(I know it’s three months ahead).

Complimentary Washing Bottles & Blowers for long-cooperated clients