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A Question About MB175 RFID

“Hi Connie, we have purchased a new Markem Imaje 9410 printer, please send me MB175 and A188 RFIDs, it needs RFID to work now” , said my client Jenny. I know Jenny’s factory uses 5157 and 8188 for years, now it must bought a new Markem Imaje model.

I sold quite a lot compatible MB175 and A188 RFIDs, but when it comes to a NEW printer, a questions pops in my head. How new is Jenny’s MI printer? So I asked Jenny to take a picture of the new printer.

Markem Imaje 9410 CIJ Printer with 8.3 Version
Markem Imaje 9410 CIJ Printer with 8.3 Version

It’s a 9410 with 8.3 version software, which means our compatible RFID won’t be able to work on such advanced MI printer, nor the crack board. So I told Jenny that sorry we are not able to help this time. 😦 The alternative way is to send us the main board, then we down grade its software to 7.2 version, which is a common practice in here, but not acceptable to Jenny’s tech.

When we order RIFDs , please take the printer software version into consideration, do ask your supplier what’s the highest verion that RFID can work on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

We Could Sell the Videojet Ink Core Part by Part

As we have make our own compatible Videojet ink core, which means, we could sell the ink core part by part. Say if you just want the bottom half or the upper half of the case, no problem, we could sell it to you separately.

If you have tested your ink core and know exactly which part needs to be replaced, we can save some money by just purchase the compatible part, instead of buying a second hand spare part or a refurbished ink core, which is much more cost effective.

One of our clients purchase this compatible case for just $20, it save delivery fee too.

Please feel free to send us a picture of the ink core part you are going to replace and drop us an inquiry.

Your Refurbished Ink Core Doesn’t Work

Yesterday I just received a feedback from a client who has purchased a refurbished Videojet 1220 ink core 4 months ago, he messaged me that when he installed the refurbished ink core in his Videojet 1220, nothing happened, the ink core wasn’t working at all, no ink was refilled in it, its tubes must be blocked. It’s a little bit odd, because the tubes are new, we replaced all of the used tubes to new one in case ink dried up during transportation and blocks the ink passing through it. So the problem must be something else other than the tubes. I asked my client to take a picture of the ink core and the ink module as well, so he did. Then voila, we spotted where go wrong, it’s not the refurbished ink core, but the valve on the back of the ink module.

Each refurbished part will be tested before delivery, such as the Videojet ink core, pump head, Markem Imaje IC 60, boards, print head etc, and we will send the test video to you for final approval too. However, when you find there is something wrong with the refurbished item you received, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.

Hitachi MV9 Refurbished or Original New Available

Hitachi continuous inkjet printer is very robustness, seldom do we need to replace new spare parts for it. One of the mostly sold spare parts is the MV9 valve, apart from the pump membrane & main filter. We have two options for you if you are going to buy a Hitachi MV9 valve, one is original new, which costs a little bit more expensive, and I think it costs the same if you purchase from local Hitachi CIJ printer dealer; the other one is original refurbished, it’s a second hand spare part, we have it cleaned & tested before putting it on market. Either original new or refurbished Hitachi MV9 works perfectly smoothly. It depends on your budget and personal preference to choose one of them.

Speaking of MV9 valve, the net filter for MV9 is also available too. Please feel free to contact us if you need more info of compatible/original Hitachi CIJ printer spare part/liquids.

The Compatible Fastjet Filter Kits Seem so Familiar

Yes you are right, you must have seen this compatible filter kit for Fastjet A400 CIJ printer before, is it actually the same as Willett filter kit PG0076. It’s made up of a main filter, clean filter & pump filter.

Compatible Fastjet A400 Filter Kit
Compatible Fastjet A400 Filter Kit

All of our compatible filters are tested before launching to market, they cost more user-friendly & perform as well as original ones. Apart from compatible Fastjet filter kit, we also provide alternative filter kits for other continuous inkjet printers, such as Domino, Linx, Markem Maje, Videojet, Citronix, Metronic etc.

Please feel free to contact for more info.

Why the Pump Membranes Are So Expensive

Actually I haven’t given a thought to this questions before, until one day, a potential buyer leaves a comment on my website, asking why the pump membrane costs so dearly, they are simply a sheet of plastic with holes.

I’m intrigued by this comment and ask our tech for an answer. It turns out that the pump membranes are not just a plain sheet of plastic with holes. They are made of plastic material indeed, but not “plain” at all, for starter, the membrane material must be durable enough to withstand constant grinding motion of the pump, and then, it needs to hold the merit of chemical resistance. Now question is clarified, if you have the same questions before, I hope this news will explain clearly why the pump membrane costs so much. They look simple from the outside, but sophisticated inside.

Surely You Can Buy Just One of the Filters from the Filter Kit

When you just need one filter, say the pre-pump filter from the Videojet filter kit, you don’t have to purchase the whole set, just let us know which filter do you need, then we will ship it to you.

We could, of course, sell the compatible filters separately, or sell them as a whole set, either way it is fine with us. However, generally speaking, you will spend less if you purchase a whole set of filters, because we have special combo offer for it, we will round it up maybe 2~3 dollars.

Apart from the compatible Videojet filters kits, we also have sets of filter for Domino, Markem Imaje, Linx, Willett, Fastjet etc. Please feel free to let us know which filter or filter kit you are looking for.

Why the Videojet 1620 Printer so Expensive

If you were planning to buy an original new Videojet printer 3 months ago, and finally make up your mind to seal the deal today, you will find that the quotaion is no longer valid, price goes up again.

It’s not because of the rate gets worse, nor the delivery fee continues to break its record(though these factors also play a role), but due to a notice sent by our local Videojet distributor, saying that the 1000 series continuous inkjet printers were no long be produced since 31st Jan 2022, and after sales service will not be available after 31st Dec 2026.

Why the Price Increased so Much!
Why the Price Increased so Much!

Despite the price of original new Videojet 1000 printers and spare parts go up, we could still turn to refurbished original parts, which is not as shiny as the new one, but still, they are in good working condition and price is much much more reasonable. Besides, we know that you may doubt the quality the second hand printers and spare parts, worry not, we will test them before delivery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Domino A320i A420i Hot Sale Compatible Parts

Domino A320i A420i and A520i don’t need RFID to work with, so we don’t have to know your ink model, your ink cube model, just order and we will deliver.

Below are our compatible i-Tech ink service module, the yellow one, and the solvent service cube, the black one. They are just plain service cube, nothing much to talk about. However, there is one small thing I would like to stress a bit, we pack the cube carefully inside a carton, unless the package undergo very horrific situation, they will arrive safe and sound.

Domino i-Tech A320i Ink & Solvent Module
Domino i-Tech A320i Ink & Solvent Module

Here comes the compatible ink and solvent cartridges, they are orange. If you want to buy the cap alone, we could sell it seperately.

 Ink & Solvent Cartridge with Cap
A320i Ink & Solvent Cartridge with Cap

These are the compatible i-Tech parts that are frequently asked, apart from them, we also have compatible make up filter, pump head, pressure transducer, keyboard membrane etc.

Please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

How Many Hours Does the Compatible 8900 Service RFID Have

As we are selling more compatible Linx 8900 RFID tags, comes more questions regarding how long the RFIDs can work? Here we are going to reply it all.

The original Linx 8900 service module RFID gets 8000 working hours in it, if you think that our compatible tags must get less hours, then you are wrong. Our tags contain a suprising 13000 working-hour. The service module RFID tag starts to countdown the day you install it.

There are 13000 hours in our compatible 8900 service module RFID

For our compatible 8900 ink RFID, it works around 18 months whilest the solvent RFID works around 24 months. These RFID for liquids start to countdown their service time from the day we program them.

Above are our answer to the most frequently asked questions regarding compatible 8900 RFID tags. One more thing, if you are going to order Linx 8900 ink or solvent RFID tags, please let us know your liquid model first, we may or may not have the program for it.

Please feel free to drop us an inquiry.