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Potential Problems of Our Compatible Markem Imaje Pressure Pump

the height should be 3.5cm

This is a sequence post of my last post What If the White Pigment Markem Imaje Shows No Pressure.

The thing is, after my client, let’s call him A, told me that the pump was no long working, we sent a new one to him and he was kind enough to send back the faulty white pigment pump to us, for our technician wanted to check the pump by himself to see where went wrong. Suprisingly, the pump worked perfectly when we tested it on our Markem Imaje printer. So it remains a unsolved mistery why it didn’t work on my client’s printer.

Then last Friday, A told me the pump went faulty again. 😦 I feel awkward since I really don’t know why the new pump goes wrong, and the problem may not lies on the pump. So I asked our technician is there any potential problems that A can check on site? Above picture is the answer.

The gap between the flange & the magnetic range(sorry for not giving the technical name of these two parts, but you know what I mean, right) should be 3.5cm. You could try fix the hight of the gap and check if the magnetic range is properly installed.

If you already purchased from us, or are going to purchase a pump for Markem Imaje white pigment CIJ printer, please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

You Could Work Better with the Right Tools

Work Better with the Right Tool
Work Better with the Right Tool

Are you a technician working on continuous inkjet printers like Domino, Linx, Videojet, Markem Imaje, etc? If yes, what’s your most un-wanted scenarios? Nozzles’ blocking, pumps’ failing, filters’ oozing ink etc. With the right tools, you could work much easier & earn more.

Give a shot to our compatible CIJ spare parts, they are 100% compatible & not compromise in quality. All of them are tested before launching to market, you don’t have to worry about being called back to repair the printer suddently while drinking beer at Friday afternoon. Besides, you could save up more money with the compatible parts, which work the same as original parts, but at a much more user-friendly price.

Try our compatible CIJ spare parts, you won’t regret the choice. See how other clients commented on our products & service.

Comments from Clients

I Mean It, Please Don’t Buy Refurbished CJ400

CJ400 is one of the lightest Linx CIJ printer model, which is so compact that many of you may have already had one. If your Linx CJ400 is working well, please kee up with the routine maintenance work & keep the printer running ; If not, but you find yourself already get used to the CJ400 operation & don’t want to switch to another model, then you might probably think of buying a refurbished one, which is cheaper & workable.

As a supplier who sold three refurbished CJ400 printer in total, all I want to say is, would you prefer 4900, 6900 or 7900, they work well & we have them in stock. CJ400 is an innovative model, but with a not so stable system. And the outter cover is made of plastic, which is light but delicate during transportation.

Here is my experience of selling the refurbished CJ400, which is a unfortunate story, in summary, it’s how I from gaining 5% profit to lost money in selling them. Before delivery, technician tested the two CJ400. Everything is fine.

CJ400 Testing Video

Then we deliver them by DHL, the covers are broken when client received them, and some faulty warning pop up during testing. So I send some refurbished parts, such as a mainboard, a cable, covers for replacement. Sadly, when we fix one problem, another pops up showing something wrong with the mainboard.

I’m not saying Linx CJ400 is not good, if yours is working perfectly, then keep it going, if not & you are considering a refurbished Linx model, please try any models other than CJ400, it’s good for both of us.

Let’s Stuff the Space with Blowers & Washing Bottles

Thank you guys for continue to order & purchase from us.

It’s a difficult year, many businesses are close & maybe never will be open again. It’s a struggling time for all of us, but we make it till now.

To give a little applaud to all of us, we decided to send some small gifts along with the parcel for all of our long term cooperated friends. If there is some room in the carton, no worries, we will fill it with washing bottles, blowers, coasters or other small gifts.

Let’s pray that together we will walk through all this fuss & have a blooming business. By the way, what kind of gifts do you guys like? Something related to the CIJ field or maybe something like the coaster? Give me a headsup if you are available. I’m going to stock more for Christmas(I know it’s three months ahead).

Complimentary Washing Bottles & Blowers for long-cooperated clients

We Wish You a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

We have make it to the end of 2020 3rd quarter & the mid-Autumn Festival is only 10 days away from now. Congrats to all!

Despite we can’t travel or party as freely as we used to be, we still have a straight 8-day holiday starting from 1st Oct(Oct 1st to 8th). None of us will be in the office at that time, but since we don’t have much to do, which means, we will reply as fast as we used to be.

If you have an order plan, please schedule it ahead of time, delivery is always slow after holidays.

Let’s pray for a better 4th quarter of 2020 & stay safe guys. 🙂

The Compatible ENM5044 Is Not Good

“Hi Connie, the compatible ENM5044 is faulty. You see, the viscosity is not right.”

Viscosity Problem

I can feel the frustration of my client when he told me the compatible ENM5044 causes some problems when he maintained the MI 9040 CIJ printer. I know the compatible ENM5044 performs not as well as other compatible CIJ spare parts, for it is with delicate components in it. However, let’s not jump to the conclusion so fast, before we resending you a new compatible ENM5044 for replacement, shall we rule out the other factors that may cause the printer warning first? Or else the MI printer will continue to show warnings after you install a well function ENM5044.

Take my client’s MI warning for example, we can see there is no data shown on viscosity, so we could check the below parts first:

  1. Check viscosity valve
  2. Check viscometer
  3. Check tubes related to viscometer

Once finish checking above sectors but the warning is still there, then let’s change a new ENM5044. All I want to say is, I know there are so many competitors in the market and I’m grateful that you choose us. If there is something wrong with the parts I send, please feel free to drop us the question, we will provide few solutions first to rule out the potential faulty sector, after everything is clear, let me resend the parts & let’s solve it together.

You Want Original MI Parts Only? We Have Them Too

There are clients who insist on original Markem Imaje parts, especially the ENM5044 electrovalve. Despite the compatible ENM5044 is good, in the end, it’s not as good as the original. Original ENM5044 works longer & smoother.

If you prefer original MI parts, we have them too. However, we don’t have much say in pricing, as we got to purchase them from local agent & price is on the way up all the time. Markem Imaje usually raises its spare parts’ price at the end of year, so better finish the deal in time.

If the original new spare parts are beyond budget, maybe the refurbished one are your next best choice. The refurbished parts are original parts taken from old printers, most of them are in good condition, we price them based on their condition & how many of them we have in stock. The refurbished parts’ price various from time to time too, if you know you are going to order one, and the quote is within your budget, just go get it. The hope that price will decrease as time goes by doesn’t always work on refurbished CIJ printer parts, its price may be lower, or higher, or the part simply sold out.

Contact us if you want to know more about Markem Imaje parts.

How to Tell Domino GP & A Series Pump Repair Service Kit Apart

Domino GP & A Series Pump Repair Service Kit Comparison

If you maintenance both Domino GP & A series pumps, and purchase pump repair service kit of both models, how to tell these two pump service kits apart? The easiest way is by identifying the two small balls. Take the 16 pieces set of A series pump repair kit for example, there are two small balls in the kit, while in a GP pump service kit, there will be no such balls, because GP pump doesn’t need them.

Domino A Series Pump Repair Kit
Domino A Series Pump Repair Kit

Moreover, GP pump service kit usually contains ten small gadgets, this is the most common set and we recommend let’s keep it this way, no less or more, the 10 pieces GP pump gear kit will meet with your requirements. However, for the A series pumps, the full kit is of 16 pieces gadgets, but you could custom the numbers in one set by your demand. You could choose part of the gadgets from the 16 pieces, the most common A series pump repair kit gear is of 7 pieces, 10 pieces, 13 pieces and 16 pieces.

Domino GP Pump Series Pump Repair Kit
Domino GP Pump Series Pump Repair Kit

If you have any other questions, about the Domino pump head repair gear kit, such as how to use them etc, please feel free to contact us.

Give us a Part’s Picture, We Will Try Our Utmost to Find it

One day a client sent a picture of this part & asked me to quote asap, cause summer holiday is coming, he really needed this part badly.

However, when I checked my price list for FA73530, whose name is Barb Double Ended. I can’t find this part neither by part number nor by name, and the picture in the graph is too blurr for technician to identify it.

Pictures from customer

So I asked client for a clearer picture of the FA73530 he is looking for(the one in left). Then it really started to shed some light on the spare part hunting. With the information of it’s using in print head, to connect φ2.2mm tubes, also with the help of a senior Linx technician, we finally found both the comptible & original refurbished FA73530 Barb Double Ended.

Compatible & Refurbished Original FA73530

As you can see, the compatible FA73530 looks exactly the same as the picture client sent me, but it’s made of plastic, price is much much cheaper. The refurbished original one, which is made of stainless steel, quality is better & of course price is higher. If we look closer, the appearance of our FA73530 is not the same as the one client sent me. Technician explained that this is because the parts are made in different countries & sometimes parts of different batches look different too.

After clearing all the questions & time keeps running out, we send the original refurbished Barb Double Ended as well as some cheaper compatible FA73530 to client for back up as soon as possible.

We are thankful to have a group of senior & devoted CIJ printer technicians to help us testing procuts, coping with service issues & finding rare parts that never seen before.

Compatible Pumps Portfolio

If you are looking for robust compatible pumps for your continuous inkjet printer, such as Domino, Markem Imaje, Linx & Videojet, here are what we can provide.

Domino Pump Heads

Above are the comptible pump heads for Domino GP and A series.

For the GP pump head, there is nothing tricky in there, just tell your supplier you are looking for a pump comptible to Domino GP series, he/she will do the work automatically.

However, the pump heads for Domino A series desert a little more attention if you want to order fast & accurately. There are basically two types of Domino A series pump head, one with long motor & the other with short motor. Besides, if you are doing repair job for a white pigment Domino, we got a stronger version of pump for that, don’t be shy and ask for it. If you install a pump for black ink in a white pigment printer, the pump will work for a while but soon breaks down. You could clean the pump head and apply in a printer with black ink if the pump isn’t too worn out.

Compatible Markem Imaje Pumps

Also we have one version of pump for standard MI black ink CIJ printer, and another stronger version for white pigment, which is with the black coating. For more info about how to tell the pressure pump from vacuum pump apart, please kindly refer to our previous post Lesson 101 of Telling CIJ Pumps Apart.

Linx 7900 Pump Head

Apart from 7900, we also have 4900, 5900 pump with and without motor.

Videojet Pump Head & Pump with Motor

Here are the compatible Videojet pump heads.

Pump Gear Repair Kit

If you find that you just need to change the gears inside the pump, please let us know which gears you need, we can sell these parts seperately. Linx, Markem Imaje, Domino pump gear repair kit available. The gear kits for Domino GP & A series look quite similar, please refer to How to Tell GP & A Series Gear Kit Apart for more info.