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A RFID That Can Save You $300

I’m talking about the compatible Markem Imaje M6 RFID for 9018 and 9028 model, which is with 6000 hours service time. If your M6 works perfectly and the only problem is it runs out of time, then our compatible M6 RFID is right there to help. By purchasing a compatible M6 RFID, we could save some delivery too, for a M6 module weight at least 2kg.

M6 RFID with 6000 Hours for 9018 9028

If you are interested in our M6 RFID, or any other RFID for ink and solvent, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

What Does A40989 Air Filter Kit Consist of

When you order an A40989 comptible air filter kit, do you really look into it, what filters are in this kit? Let’s take a close look here.

Markem Imaje A40989 filter kit consists of 5 pieces of filters.

  1. ENM1913 Main ink filter (color black)
  2. ENM40786 Main ink filter (color white)
  3. ENM25683 Head filter
  4. ENM40830 Air filter foam IP54 (square)
  5. A36022/PC1572 Air filter kit

Tips: both Markem Imaje 9232 & 9450 model need A40989 air filter kit, but there is slight differnce lies in the ENM1913 main ink filter. For more info, please feel free to contact us.

We Offer Compatible Docod Inkjet Printer Parts Too

Last week, a client of mine asked me if we have the power supply as below picture shows. I replied with little suprise, isn’t it the compatible 37758 power supply for Domino A serie? But no, it’s a power supply for Docod CIJ printer.

Power Supply for Docod E200

It turns out that we do have this power unit for Docode printer. These power supplies look alike, but the voltages are different. So if you are looking for compatible spare parts for Fastjet, ECjet and Docode, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

Compatible Domino Empty Cartridges

Apart from compatible spare parts like filters, keyboard membrane, power supply, pump heads etc, we also supply compatible empty cartridges & reservoirs.

These are the most sale Domino cartridges of 825ml & 1000ml. They have been in market for years and always work fine. And after years of material & technology development, we manage to produce them in a reasonable cost.

We also have cartridges for newer Domino CIJ printer model, such as the A320i & A420i, the yellow cartridge with grey cap. However, we are not able to crack the RFID yet.

If you want to buy the caps only, not a whole set of empty cartridges, we can sell them separately too. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Compatible Continuous Inkjet Printer Filters on Sale

The filters, especial the main filters, are the most needed spare parts to be replaced every three months. They work hard to block the unwanted, usually the over-size ink lump, from entering the print head system, which may result in a blocking issue of the print head.

To save some money on replacing the filters, we could choose alternative compatible filters. They have been proofed to be work fine for a long period of time. When you purchase the compatible continuous inkjet printer spare parts, if you do not know the part number, you could tell us the size of the filter you are using, and let us know the printer model, and whether it’s for standard black ink, or pigment printer, then we will know which printer you are looking for.

Compatible CIJ Main Filters
Compatible CIJ Main Filters

Please feel free to contact for more info. We supply various compatible inkjet printer spare parts too, also refurbished ones are available.

Compatible Fastjet Spare Parts Available Now

Some of you may maintenance Fastjet now. If you are looking for compatible Fastjet spare parts, please feel free to drop us an inquiry. Affordable & 100% compatible Fastjet parts available.

Please let us know Printer Model(A400/F500), Ink Type(Black/Pigment) and Part Description. Then we could send you quotation with picures attached for reference.

Used Videojet 1510 Printer Sold

Refurbished Videojet 1510 CIJ Printer

Another used printer sold. For all used printers & spare parts, we will test them before delivery. Testing video and packing picture will be sent to clients for approval first.

We try our best to avoid any after sales problems. And the best way to do it is to communicate all the needs and requirements clearly before purchasing, and careful testing before delivery.

It’s understandable that you worry about after sales problems, so do we. As long as we can get every question straight, welcome to pop up as much as possible and we will answer them all. For installation questions, we will provide guidance via email or video.

How to Wire Up Hitachi RX Sensor

When we purchase a Hitachi continuous inkjet printer, the sensor doesn’t come with the printer by default. Therefore we have to order a sensor seperately or we could do it in a more eco-friendly way, by applying a sensor from another Hitachi continuous inkjet printer on this new one. Then it may comes to the question, will the old sensor work well with the new Hitachi CIJ printer, how can I wire it? Well, the Hitachi inkjet printer sensor is compatible to its printers, no matter they are new or used, for wiring, it’s a piece of cake for you, brown-1 black-2 blue-3. That’s it.

Hitachi continuous inkjet printer requires little maintenance work & with proper care, it can work for up to more than 10 years. If you need any compatible or refurbished parts, please feel free to send us inquiry lists or pictures.

Various Compatible Markem Imaje Make Up for Choose

Various Compatible Markem Imaje Make Up for Choose

We manufacture make up comptible to Markem Imaje CIJ printers. A188, 5191, cleaning solution, etc. For these make up, we usually add pink, purple or black color additive in it or just leave it to be transparent if you like. But for easy customs clearance, we suggest that it will be better to add in some color.

Apart from consumables comptible to Markem Imaje, RFID chips & override boards are available too.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Markem Imaje liquids and override gadgets.

We Actually Have Compatible MI Crack Board for Various Liquid Models

Guys, don’t be shy to tell us for which ink & make up model when you require for a compatible Markem Imaje crack board. Our most hot sell model is MB175, but we do have crack boards for color pigment. There are just too many ink models out there that we are not able to list all of them on website, but please let us know which ink & make up model your MI CIJ printer is applying now, we will see if we have that crack board or not. Since we are going to ask you on which MI printer & for which liquids when you inquire about the crack board, don’t limit your option to simply standard MB175 black ink, try some pigment ink too, chances are we have them too.