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How is Your Summer Holiday

Hi guys, how is your summer holiday? Hot, fun? I’m sure it’s a happy one. 🙂

There is not much to catch up here, we have a very hot summer, so hot that we don’t even want to go out. And what’s new, let me see, yes, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, our techs are buzzing around bakery factories. One more thing, our Markem Imaje RFID tag compatible to new software version is on the way, we will start to sell them after two more week’s testing. I will keep you updated.

hot & happy summer holiday
let’s catch up

Have You Got a M6 RFID for 9018?

Have you got a compatible M6 RFID for my 9018 Markem Imaje? Yes we have, but which one do you need? Don’t be daunted by my question, it’s essential to the purchase and not that difficult to answer.

Basically, we have two M6 RFID tags, both with 6000 serving hours. One for 9018, 9028 and 9029 with software version under 3.0; the other for 9018 and 9028 with software version above 3.0. These two tags are with different price and are not compatible with each other. So before we place order, we have to figure out which one do we need first.

So you may ask I don’t know which software version my printer is with. Easy, just take a look at the manual on screen, you will find the software verion. See, it’s not difficult to order the right compaitble M6 RFID tag at all.

Compatible M6 RFID Tag with 6000 Hours
Compatible M6 RFID Tag with 6000 Hours

For more compatible Markem Imaje M6 Module spare parts, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

Compatible Hitach PXR Parts Available

Various spare parts compatible to Hitachi CIJ pritner for sale. Such as main filters, electrovalves, touch screens, sensors etc.

Here is one of our new compatible ink tank for PXR. Apart from this compatible ink tank, we also have mix tank and solvent tank.

This is the compatible pump diaphragm, which is one of the most hot sale Hitachi CIJ spare parts. Pump diaphragm compatible to PB, RX, PXR available.

Despite Hitachi CIJ printers are well known for their robustness, when it comes to the time to maintenance the printer, please feel free to drop us an inquiry for the affordable compatible spare parts.

Follow Up of Why Our RFID Cost More

In early July, we’ve received feedback that our RFID price is redicuous high compared to others. We are suprised at first, and then lower our price, as the USD to CNY is getting better. However, even if we try our best to lower our price, we are not able to meet the target price my client told me.

There must be something different, so I ask my client to help to send me some pictures of the cheaper RFID he got. Ah, here lies the difference.

If we look closely, we will notice that there is small difference between the RFID circled in green and orange. A small logo in the center is missing in the RFID circled in orange. But this is only a minor difference on the appearance. The main reason that causes the huge price gap lies in material. We apply imported blank RFID tag to program, whilst the cheaper one is not.

We understand that in current economic situation, we all have to put cost into prior consideration. Now, we will sell the RFID circled in orange with your target price, but will not recommend it. In the meanwhile, we will continue our RFID at higher costs. I think it would be suitable for all clients.

You Need Someone Familiar with Videojet to Install the Refurbished Ink Core

We offer Videojet ink core refurbish service, also sell refurbished, original or compatible new Videojet ink cores, including model 1220, 1510, 1520, 1610, 1620, 1710 etc. But after the ink core reach your place, you will need to install it by yourself or by your technical team. We highly recommend that you should find someone who with adequate experience to install the ink core. Despite it’s not rocket science, other problems may pop up when you installing the ink core, which are not related to the ink core at all.

We understand that this happen quite often, for we encounter such situations from time to time. Problem may appear after the printer was shut down for a while. We could provide online step by step guidance to help solve these problems, but please do send someone familiar with the printer to chat with us. We are happy to fix problem together, happy customer means more business, but it goes too far if your service person ask how to follow the steps even after a video was sent.

We are a team of nice people who are always ready to help, but please do let someone who are familar with the printer to solve the problem together.

Your 8900 RFID is Too Expensive

We’ve been selling the compatible 8900 RFID for ink and solvent since early 2021 and so far no complaint received, until recently. A new customer asked for a quote and swear our RFID price is way much higher than others, but as he is looking for RFID that works on 8.3 version software, so he would try to buy some samples from us.

I was astonished when I heard that our RFID costs around 40% more than others, for it actually can’t cover our cost if I lower 40%. So I ask our tech how come there is such a big difference in the price gap.

For starter, we guarantee that all of our RFIDs are with program different to each other, which means the 8900 will treat each of it as a new RFID. As we know the 8900 printer reads the program in RFID and decides if it works or not. Each program should be new to the 8900 printer, or else printer will reject the liquid with same RFID program sticked on it.

Secondly, about the life span of the RFIDs. For ink RFID, life span will be 18 months, whilst life span of solvent RFID is 24 months, from the date we program it. Usually speaking, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks for us to program and deliver the RFID to you, with the leadtime into consideration, there is still enough time to store the RFID and use them later.

We’ve recieved your request for lowering the RFID price, and we will try our best to meet with your request. Please feel free to drop us an inquiry with the liquids model number and quantity, we will offer a good price to you.

Fast Delivery for Compatible Continuous Inkjet Printer Power Supplies

We are always cautious when deliver the power supplies, because there are magnet and battery material involved. Shipping agent used to decline to carry such items or charge a higher fee. Now we find a new shipping agent to deliver the power suppliers, it can be delivered by DHL, Fedex, TNT or UPS, lead time will be same as any other items. Also other continuous inkjet printer spare parts with motor in it, such as the pumps, we could deliver them fast & safe too.

Please leave us your necessary contact info(name, address, zip code, contact number) and list of inquiry, we will let you know how much delivery costs.

Let’s Make the Purchasing of CIJ Parts Easier

Sometimes we have to order CIJ printer parts without part number, especially, the screws. There is a part number for each of them, but honestly, who would really remember the part number of a screw or refer to the user manual to find it out. Here is a smart way to let us make this screw purchasing process easier.

  1. Send us a picture indicating which screws do you need
  2. For different types of screw in the picture, we mark 1, 2,3 … to tell them apart
  3. Quotation & pictures of our compatible screws will be sent to you for confirmation
  4. Will label 1, 2, 3 on the packing according to the picture so you could tell them apart

By giving each spare parts on the picture an easy identification number, and label them with the exact number on packing before delivery, makes the purchasing process more convenient for both you and me. Please feel free to contact if you have any inquiry.

Flash Card EPT019977SP for Ax Series Available

EPT019977SP Flash Card Original New
EPT019977SP Flash Card Original New

There are quite a few clients ordering this flash card for their Domino Ax printer. We have the orginal new one and here are some tips for a fast purchasing experience.

  1. Please let us know your Ax model, is it A150i or A350i?
  2. Please let us know the ink model, like 2bk106, 2bk124 etc.

The program inside is slightly different catering to each model, so if we know your Domino Ax printer better, we could therefore quote faster.

Apart from the flash card, we supply compatible and original spare parts for Domino Ax sereis, V series CIJ printer, please feel free to drop us an inquiry with part number or pictures. We will quote to you asap.

For more information, please reach out to us by filling in the contact form below.

Compatible Markem Imaje Pigments for Sale

Various ink and colored pigment compatible to Markem Imaje for sale. Compatible RFID and crack boards available too.

White Pigment & Black Ink with RFID
RFID for MW460 White Pigment

Please feel free to let us know the liquid model number, or better, you could tell us where you are going to apply the liquids on, what color is it, and of model is it. Then we can deliver the right ink/solvent with RFID tag to you.

I know some of you may raise some questions now, can I just purchase a RFID, what’s the shelf life. Well, sure we can sell the RFID seperately, normally speaking, our compatible ink RFID expires in 18 months, whilst the solvent RFID expires in 24 months.

Now comes to delivery, which is the difficult part. We will provide MSDS for customs clearance, no worries about that. But, both sea shipping and Fedex/DHL/UPS increased their price to sky high, which is real big problem. Anyway, as we can do nothing about the extreme delivery fee, what we can do is to take everything into careful account, including import tax(if you are allowed to import ink/solvent), local Miscellaneous fees etc, and see if it worths import ink/liquids from abroad.

I personally think that purchasing compatible RFIDs or crack boards is a smarter move now, they are light and small, easy to deliver. And can prolong the working hour of the ink/solvent.

For more questions, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.