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How to Wire Up Hitachi RX Sensor

When we purchase a Hitachi continuous inkjet printer, the sensor doesn’t come with the printer by default. Therefore we have to order a sensor seperately or we could do it in a more eco-friendly way, by applying a sensor from another Hitachi continuous inkjet printer on this new one. Then it may comes to the question, will the old sensor work well with the new Hitachi CIJ printer, how can I wire it? Well, the Hitachi inkjet printer sensor is compatible to its printers, no matter they are new or used, for wiring, it’s a piece of cake for you, brown-1 black-2 blue-3. That’s it.

Hitachi continuous inkjet printer requires little maintenance work & with proper care, it can work for up to more than 10 years. If you need any compatible or refurbished parts, please feel free to send us inquiry lists or pictures.

Various Compatible Markem Imaje Make Up for Choose

Various Compatible Markem Imaje Make Up for Choose

We manufacture make up comptible to Markem Imaje CIJ printers. A188, 5191, cleaning solution, etc. For these make up, we usually add pink, purple or black color additive in it or just leave it to be transparent if you like. But for easy customs clearance, we suggest that it will be better to add in some color.

Apart from consumables comptible to Markem Imaje, RFID chips & override boards are available too.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Markem Imaje liquids and override gadgets.

We Actually Have Compatible MI Crack Board for Various Liquid Models

Guys, don’t be shy to tell us for which ink & make up model when you require for a compatible Markem Imaje crack board. Our most hot sell model is MB175, but we do have crack boards for color pigment. There are just too many ink models out there that we are not able to list all of them on website, but please let us know which ink & make up model your MI CIJ printer is applying now, we will see if we have that crack board or not. Since we are going to ask you on which MI printer & for which liquids when you inquire about the crack board, don’t limit your option to simply standard MB175 black ink, try some pigment ink too, chances are we have them too.

Tougher Pressure Pump & Vacuum Pump for Markem Imaje Pigment Ink

For Markem Imaje CIJ 9040 or 9450C printer, which may apply colored pigment like white, yellow ink, the standard ENM5629 pressure pump and ENM4259 vacuum pump for black ink won’t be strong enough to deal with the sticker colored pigment. If you put on a standard pump on a pigment MI printer, it will work for a while, but then stop working.

Then we launch a tougher version of pressure pump & vacuum pump for the colored pigment Markem Imaje printers. They are with a black coating, which is chemical resistant and also with a stronger core, which is able to work perfectly with the sticky pigments.

These tougher pumps cost more, but you will see their value when you use them.

How We Test the Refurbished Printheads before Delivery

To be very honest, every time we sell a refurbished print head, we start to pray & test it at the same time. Here we are going to reveal what we do after we receive your order of a refurbished printhead, no matter it’s of Markem Imaje, Linx or Videojet, the testing process is similar.

The process begins actually before the order, when you inquire about a printhead, let’s say a Linx MK7, we will check how many of them we have in stock. Say if we have several in stock, then I will choose one with good condition, send pictures together with quotation to you. If you are ok with it, then I will lock up the printhead on our office system in case others sell it. However, if you prefer a more price-friendly printhead, then I will find another one with less appealing condition and then repeat the pictures taken and quotation process.

All these refurbished printheads in stock are tested and washed when we take them, but after laying on the shelf for a long time, there maybe some block here and there. So we will test them again before delivery. We will install the printhead on printer, then run the printer for at leaset one day. A video of printer working parameter & printhead printing effect will be sent to you. Here is the process of how we test your refurbished printhead, if you are interested, please feel free to contact. 

Refurbished Linx CJ400 Spare Parts for Sale

CJ400, one of the lightest continuous inkjet printers, is designed with compact configuration & aim for easy operation. When you maintenance the CJ400 CIJ printers and find that you need to replace some parts, we are here to offer most of the refurbished ones.

Check out our refurbished CJ400 main board. As some of you may notice, the system of CJ400 is not so stable from time to time, so before we ship this main board to you, we will have it tested and send you pictures & videos before delivery.

We also provide refurbished LCD touch screen, cables etc. The most hot sale compatible CJ400 part is the filter module. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Stronger Version of Vacuum Pump for Markem Imaje Pigment Printer

As we know the pigment ink is thicker and sticker than the standard black ink, so if we apply a vacuum pump ENM4295 on white/blue pigment MI CIJ printer like 9040 & 9450C, chances are the ENM4295 vacuum pump will work for one or two weeks, then fails to perform. For the sticky pigment stuck on the pump head and hauls it slowly till it stops working.

To provide a better pump head for pigment printer, we develop a stronger version of ENM4295. By appearance, it looks like ENM4295 with an extra black coating, which helps to resist chemical corrosion. And of course, the core is stronger.

If you are interested in stronger version of vacuum pump, pressure compatible to Markem Imaje continuous inkjet printers, please feel free to contact us.

Save Up to $200 for a Refurbished Videojet Ink Core

Refurbished Inkcore Without Pump
Refurbished Inkcore Without Pump
refurbished inkcore with pump
refurbished inkcore with pump

When your Videojet ink core needs to be replaced, by checking if the pump works or not, could save you up to $200. As the pump seldom goes wrong, if we could continue to harness it, why hurry for a replacement. But how do we know if the pump is working? Well, there is a simple way to figure it out, by hearing the sound of the pump. Whilst the pump is working, if we listen carefully, we will notice the pump produce a small noise, which means it is working fine; if there is no sound generated by the pump at all, then we need to buy a refurbished ink core with pump then. We have two types of pump for you to choose, one is compatible, the other is refurbished original. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Videojet 1530 Main Board Version 5 Available

We finally have the newest Videojet version 5 main board. Please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

There are total 5 versions of the Videojet main board. If you are not so sure about which version you need, please send us a picture of the board you are applying now, then we will know.

I would suggest that a refurbished board will be good enough for most of us. Before delivery, I will take a picture of the main board so that you can double check with the configuration and part number etc.

Videojet 1530 Version 5 Main Board
1530 Refurbished Main Board Version 5

Please feel free to drop us an inquiry now. 🙂

How Many Hours In This Chip

Compatible Videojet V705-D Chip

Last Tuesday, a client asked me, how many hours do your comptible V705-D Videojet countdown chip have. As I was packing the chips to another customer, I took a picture and sent it to him. We programed this V705-D Chips on 20th Feb 2021, and it shows it will expire on 20th Mar 2024. Though the chip is called “countdown chip”, we set an expire date in it instead of making it to countdown.

For the most of the compatible Videojet chips, like V410, V705, V411 etc, it’s safe to say that they will expire in 2 years(they actually work longer than 24 months). If you want to know a specific chip’s lasting hours, please feel free to contact us.