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Lesson 101 of Telling CIJ Pumps Apart

MI Pressure & Vacuum Pump
We can’t find any difference between these 2 pumps

By given the above picture, can you tell among these two compatible pumps, which one is pressure pump, the right or the left one? If you think this is too difficult, not have a clue to tell, then you are not alone, because from this angle, it’s hard to tell these inkjet printer pumps apart. However, let’s try another angle, you will notice the difference right away.

MI Pressure & Vacuum Pump
From this angle, we can try to find the differnce

Let’s take a look at what is pressure & vacuum.



1. continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it.

It got exert & against movement, applying this on the inkjet pump, we need an extra hole to let the air come & out.



1.a space or container from which the air has been completely or partly removed.

It means, as long as the air is isolated, we just need to keep the balance, do not need to exert & against to fluctuate the pressure. With this in mind, we only need to create an isolated room in the MI vacuum pump.

The answer is popping on the lip now.

MI Pressure & Vacuum Pump
the right one is the vacuum pump, while the left one is the pressure pump

This is only trivial compatible spare part information of continuous inkjet printer. You probably don’t need to know the difference between pressure & vacuum pump, because we will not have them missed up with each other.

MI Pressure & Vacuum Pump
We can tell the pressure pump & vacuum pump apart easily now

How to Update Ink Parameter on Videojet Continuous Printer

Have you ever been in this situation, that you need to apply another type of ink and solvent in the printer, but don’t know how to erase the previous liquids data and input the new ones.

Let’s take Videojet 1510 continuous printer as example, to update ink parameters from V461-D to V410-D.

  1. Install the new ink and solvent cartridges
  2. Input password
  3. Check
  4. Update ink parameters
Update Videojet Ink Parameter Step 1
Update Videojet Ink Parameter Step 1
Update Videojet Ink Parameter Step 2
Update Videojet Ink Parameter Step 2
Update Videojet Ink Parameter Step 3
Update Videojet Ink Parameter Step 3

Let’s start cracking. If you still have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

We Managed to Deliver & the Parcel is Received

I’m not going to lie, delivery of CIJ liquids such as ink & solvent is complicated, though we can provide necessary documents such as MSDS & SGS to shipping agents, not all of them are willing to carry black/pigment ink, let alone transparent solvent.

Due to the rocket high delivery fee increase recently, we recommended a customer to deliver his liquids by sea, for his shipment is around 1 cube meter, so the only shortcoming of sea shipping is long delivery time. There is little option left for us to choose, under the deliver situation in mid May. However, in early June, the ship arrived on time, custom clearance takes a long time without exact timeframe. I called shipping agent to check with latest update, but was told to wait every time.

In mid June, my customer contacted me that as business is re-opening in his place, he needed the ink urgently & can’t wait for custom clearance anymore. So we decided to deliver a new parcel of ink & solvent either by air or express, not as much as 1 cube meter, but enough for him to continue business for a while. After an arduous negotiation with the courier agent, we finally managed to put the CIJ liquids on board & customer just informed me he received the parcel.

Now everything is changing fast, we have to adapt to the current situation & make calls fast, also better bear a backup plan in mind. We always care for our clients’ needs first & offer affordable solution when come across problems.

Don’t Buy Hitachi CIJ Printer

Please think before purchasing a Hitachi CIJ printer, because it’s too robust and doesn’t need your attention.

HX Hitachi CIJ Printer

Hitachi CIJ printers are always renowned for their robustness, but how exactly robust are they? Please check on below picture. The HX model is still working without any problem. We maintain this printer only once in a while, it never troubles us much and just keep working without failing.

For those who are passionate in finding out what’s inside a Hitachi CIJ printer, you will find it’s so minimal, with minimum spare arts and consume minimum liquids. It’s like the Hitachi printer just want to quietly inkjet, no attention is required.

So think before you purchasing a Hitachi printer, it will make you re-think what’s the right retirement time frame for a CIJ printer.

The Key to Markem Imaje CIJ Printer

This is really the key to open the Markem Imaje continuous inkjet printer, which is not a rarely seen spare part for technicians. However, without this key, we are not able to open the printer body chamber nor check the inside.

So without further duo, when we go out and maintain the MI printers, remember to bring 1 piece of this key with you. The key is not exclusive to a certain MI printer, so you could apply it on all the MI you are looking after.

It’s an important key for Markem Imaje printers, but thank goodness one is enough.

Useful Tool for Sealing Your Linx Compatible Liquids

As the delivery fee goes rocket high in the last 2 months, it’s getting more & more difficult to import bottled compatible liquids. The delivery fee is always extra high for liquids, and the recent lack of flights makes it worse. However, business continues dispite all the difficulties, importing liquids in bulk package, say 15 ltr or 25 ltr per barrel, will be a good idea. Then comes another problem for Linx bottle, how to seal the bottle to prevent liquids from splitting.

Here is the useful heat sealing tool for it. It’s operate by manual, and seals the round card board to bottle with heat. You could source it by yourself. 🙂

New Type D & E of Inkcore Board of Videojet Small Character Inkjet Printers

There are mainly three types of inkcore board for Videojet small character inkjet printers, type A B & C.

Now we have two new types of inkcore boards, type D & E.

As we look closely at these 5 types of inkcore boards, we can find type A B & C look very much similar, the differences lies on the bottom right part, type A inkcore board doesn’t have any square black dot, type B got 12 ones, while type C have 6 black dots line up in “L” shape.

Type D & E are slimmer than type A B C, these two look similar two, the only difference lies on the middle right part, the 3 little electronic gadgets on type E are bigger.

Despite all these surface difference, the fundamental differences among the Videojet inkcore boards are the program inside the PCB. And one very import thing to bear in mind, every Videojet CIJ printer, such as 1210, 1220, 1510, 1520, 1610, 1620 etc, they can have inkcore board from A to E type, please do take a picture, or be specific of which type(A/B/C/D/E) are you looking for.  

Here is a example of we deliver a compatible 1210 type A inkcore board to our customer, which is the most common type, but it turns out customer actually look for a type C inkcore board. So without any delay, we deliver the type C inkcore board to our customer asap. Though both of us share 50/50 responsibility, we cover all the fees for we could prevent this happening, if we gives a heads-up to custom in advance. It’s a lesson to learn, do figure out which type of Videojet inkcore board you are looking for, or else it will be a waste of time & money.

Two Types of Markem Imaje 9040 Print Head

Markem Imaje 9040 got two types of print heads, one with single jet, the other one with bi/twin jet. Let’s see how these two print heads differ from each other.

The part number of Imaje 9040 single jet print head is ENM35370, print module(9040-1G-L=3 meter). 1.1G means it’s with single jet nozzle, printing effect up to 4-line per time, umbilical 3 meters long.

The part number of Imaje 9040 bi/twin jet print head is ENM35372, print module(9040-1.2G-L=3 meter). 1.2G stands for bi/twin jet, it can print up to 8 lines per time.

Also ENM53370 & ENM35372 are for standard black ink printer 9040 model only, they are not compatible with 9040 Contrast model, which applies white pigment.

Markem Imaje Refurbished ENR36868 9040 Contrast Print Head

Here we are going to clarify a little bit that refurbished Markem Imajeprint head for standard black ink, does not compatible with white pigment printer. That is because the structure of white pigment is far more complicated than standard black ink, which is thicker and powder-ish. If you keep the white pigment still for a while, you will see there are three layers, on top is oily material, the middle one looks like just liquid, the bottom one is heavy white powder, while in standard black ink you will not see such layers.

So when the Imaje Contrast printer is on, it takes extra effort for the pumps & print heads to work with the sticky, powder-ish consumable. What will happen if we insist to install the spare parts for 9040 on a 9040 Contrast? Well for starter, the spare parts work fine for a few days, or weeks, then it will stop working, for the white pigment working situation is more than the parts can bear anymore. For Markem Imaje pumps, print heads, please tell us if they are applied on standard black ink printer such as 9040, 9450 etc, or on the colored pigment Contrast model.

What If the White Pigment Markem Imaje Shows No Pressure

As white pigment is stickier & with large particles than standard black ink, it easily causes the pressure pump stuck & therefore 0 pressure faulty notice pops up.

When we come across this situation, no worries, take a deep breath & let’s fix it. Chances are the pump is stuck, we just need to soak the white pigment pressure pump in cleaning solution and clean it up. If you want to have a thorough clean, say open the pump to have a deeper cleaning, please do remember don’t screw the screws too tight or too loose when you assemble the pump back. The three pieces of M3 screw torque should be 14kgfcm. If the screws are too tight, the pump will lock itself & stop working at all; if it’s too loose, ink will leak.