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Come & Have a Look at Our Spare Parts for CIJ Printer

If you are looking for affordable continuous inkjet printer spare parts, come and have a look at our alternative parts 100% compatible to CIJ printers such as Videojet, Markem Imaje, Linx, Domino, Hitachi, Citronix etc.

We supply compatible filters, pumps, repair kits for pump, keyboard membrane…If you prefer original spare parts, we could offer refurbished one, whose price differs from time to time depending on the condition of the spare part & how many of them we have in stock. However, for original spare parts, their prices are actually similar around the world. Taking the delivery fee into consideration, I suggest that if you can get them in local market, please buy from local, it will save you some money.

Anyway, for compatible spare parts, please feel free to drop us an inquiry, guaranteed good quality & affordable price; for original refurbished/new parts, we will try our best to get a good price for you.

Refurbished or Original Inkcore

When we purchase a Videojet inkcore, there are three options, compatible, original refurbished and original new. Which one shall we choose, that’s a question. Here are some small tips.

  1. Compatible- we offer compatible inkcore for several models(not including UHS), such as 1510 1520 1610 etc. They are well tested and 100% comptible to your printer. There will no ink leakage problem because all the parts inside are new. The only dissapointment is the cost, a compatible inkcore costs slightly higher than a refurbished one.
  2. Refurbished- before we launched the compatible inkcore, most of you prefer refurbished inkcore instead of an original new one. Price is affordable and it works as good as new. For all refurbished inkcores, we have them ran on printer for 1 to 2 days and then clean, pack and ship them. There is one small problem though, we usually leave some ink inside the refurbished inkcore, to keep the tubes and parts smooth, but it may result to ink leakage during transportation. You may need to spend some time to clean the refurbished inkcore when it arrives.
  3. Original New- it’s more expensive than compatible and refurbished inkcore. We usually won’t recommend you to buy an original new inkcore except for 1710 and other color pigment models. Because color pigment is stickier, it easily cause blocks inside the inkcore. So for those model inkcore, we suggest you to spend more to avoid problems.
Original New 1710 Inkcore Without Pump

Various Hitachi Cartridges for Choose

Come and have a look at our alternative Hitachi ink and solvent empty cartridges. Apart from the classic 1000ml empty cartridge, we also have comaptible bottles for new Hitachi CIJ printer models.

All of the empty cartridges are 100% compatible and of high quality. You could tell us which Hitachi printer model you are using or send us a picture of the bottle you are looking for, we will quote to you asap.

There is one thing to take into account, that’s the delviery fee. These empty cartridges bottles are light but take up space, we’d better choose specific courier companies that operate delivery lines only between your coutry and China, which is rather fast and with fair fees. Please drop us an inquiry if you have any further questions.

Various Compatible 8900 Liquids Available

What ink and solvent are you applying now? Is it the standard, widely applied 1240 ink and 1512 solvent? No? You are looking for a special high adhesive ink 1014? Can we provide it, surely we can. We have 1014 ink with RFID and its solvent mate 1505, price is higher than 1240/1512, but you know, it’s high adhesive.

If you are looking for liquids or RFID tags only, please feel free to drop us an inquiry. Actually we may or may not have the rigtht program for the RFID, but we will look it up and quote to you asap.

Also another small thing, some of you may purchase the ink and sovlent from supplier with different model number, don’t worry, the tags can work on those liquds. Please look at your printer configuration, it will show the Linx ink and solvent model(not the supplier’s models), like 1240/1512, then we can proceed with the right tag accordingly.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

Mists about Markem Imaje Solvent

Sovlent or addictive, some of you may call it, looks exactly the same as cleaning solution, as they are both transparent liquids. Are they the same you may wonder, can I jsut buy one of them? Let’s get some of the mostly often asked question straight here.

Compatible Markem Imaje Solvent
Compatible Markem Imaje Solvent
  1. Can I use your compatible make up with my original ink? Sure you can. When your original make up goes bottle up, it’s time to replace the compatible make up then. Please try not to mix the original and compatible make up together, it may or may not cause trouble.
  2. Can I just buy the make up or the cleaning solution? They look the same. Well, they are both transparent liquids indeed, but the concentration of Ethanol in make up is slightly higher than cleaning solution. So we can fill cleaning solution’s shoes with make up, but can not use cleaning solution as make up.

These are are two most often asked questions about Markem Imaje solvent, if you have more quests in mind, please feel free to let us know.

Videojet 1580 Parts Available

I’ve received several spare part inquiries about the Videojet new printer model 1580, here are the parts we have.

As the 1580 printer model is quite new, so far we have compatible air filter only. However, we are able to provide original service module, liquids and chips too.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any Videojet 1580 spare parts, we will try our best to provide them.

On What Software Can Our Compatible RFID Work Well

As new Markem Imaje and Linx continuous printers keep coming on market, so are our comaptible RFID tags. Here I’m going to list the latest software our compatible RFID tags can work on.

First, most hot sale compatible MB175 and A188 RFID for Markem Imaje 9040/9450 CIJ printer. They can work on any software version, technical speaking. We’ve tested them on the newest printer we have, with 9.0 software version, they wrok fine. If you have a Markem Imaje printer with 8.3/8.4/8.5 software, please feel free to place an order.

However, for the cracked board, we are still working on them. So far they can work on 9018/9028 under 3.0 software, and 9410/9450 under 7.3 software.

Crack Board MB175

Since we are talking about the RFID tags, let’s bring the Linx in together. For Linx 1240, 1512 etc, they can work on up to 8.3.1 software.

For more information regarding RID tags, countdown chips, crack boards, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

We Have Two Shades of Blue Ink Compatible to Hitachi RX

Colored pigments are with better adhesive power for materials with various background colors & surfaces. For black black ground, we specially develop a sharp blue pigment compatible to Hitachi CIJ printers.

Let’s take a look at how our standard blue color on stainless tube like. It’s actually just blue, or medium blue.

Blue Color Printing Effect

For the newly developed sharp blue, it’s especially aim for black background. It looks smart and pops out to catch our eyes.

Both shades of blue pigment can be applied on material such as PE, PVC, PP, electric wire etc. By the way, we also supply compatible liquids to Markem Imaje, Linx, Videojet, Domino. Please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

Refurbished Markem Imaje 9450 Printhead For Sale

Refurbished Markem Imaje 9450 print head with umbilical for sale. The print head is in running condition and looks pretty new. The umblilical is of 3-meter long without any kink nor tear. We have one in stock, if you are looking for it, please contact with speed.

PRINTMOD-9250-1G-3M-KGS-STR-EXCH 9450 G Head Black Ink
PRINTMOD-9250-1G-3M-KGS-STR-EXCH 9450 G Head Black Ink

We also cover used print head for Linx & Videojet, please feel free to drop us an inquriy if you fancy a not new, but in good condition CIJ printer head.

My Vidoejet Shows Valve Open Circuit

When we receive the refurbished Videojet inkcore, sometime we don’t install it immediately, instead, we wait till the old inkcore runs out of time and then replace it. You may wonder, if I install the inkcore 3 months later, will you cover it if problems arise. The answer is, yes sure we will cover it. When you run across problems when you install the inkcore, please feel free to drop us some pictures or videos to illustrate the issue, we got your back bro.

In fact, here are some of the common questions that are asked when my clients install the inkcore. I will write down the solution to each problem briefly so that you can have a basic check when you run accross similar problem.

  1. No ink is coming up. After months sitting still, the ink drop dries and may cause blocking in the inkcore, we could flush the tubes and valve and then check again. If you purchase an inkcore without pump, please check if the pump works well too. Most of issues are caused by dried ink drops.
  2. My videojet printer shows open circuit. We need to check two spots for this issue. Firstly we take a look at the inkcore board, is the pin that bridges the inkcore board and the valve properly connected. If yes, then we need to check if the valve works fine. We need a multimeter to check the valve’s resistence value, if you can see the value of 72Ω, then the valve is fine and we need to continue to check the mother board. Here are a picture mapping where the valves lie.
map of the valves in Videojet inkcore

Above are the two frequently asked questions, usually it just need a thorough cleaning then problem solved. If the problem is more complicated than that, please feel free to drop us visual material and we will try our best to fix it.