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FA74151 Linx Compatible 2 Way Electrovalve

Electrovalve is an import spare part to the continuous inkjet printer ink system. It controls the flow of ink by acting like a gate. The constant working condition makes the valve one of the commonly CIJ printer parts that needed to be replaced.

The configuration of our compatible Linx 2 way electrovalve FA74151 is a little bit different from the original FA74151, both connectors are on the same side, not one on the top, the other on the side.

It may leads to confusion when you install it for the first time. Please feel free to contact us for installation guidance if necessary.

What Essential Spare Parts Do You Need to Refurbished a Videojet 1710 Ink Core By Yourself

It’s a little bit expensive to purchase a refurbished Videojet 1710 ink core, especially taking the delivery fee into account, the ink core itself is small and light, but with the protection foam package, delivery fee increase dramatically. So most of you must have thought of refurbished the Videojet 1710 ink core by yourself. Here are the most important spare parts for you to do this.

Compatible 1710 ink core board

It resets the time and your ink core is ready to work again

Compatible 1710 main filter

As 1710 applies white pigment on it, which is more sticky than the standard black ink, so the main filter needs to be replaced from time to time too, because it’s easy block.

If you need have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Already Have the Compatible Markem Imaje & Videojet Cartridges? Maybe You Need a Manual Compressor Too

Congrats that you find a better way to refill liquids for Videojet & Markem Imaje small character printers. By purchasing compatible empty cartridges, you could fill in ink and liquids by yourself, which can lower expenditures on consumables.

However, if it’s the first time for you to refill liquids, there is an important compressor tool you can’t miss, that is the cap manual close compressor. The diameter is set to fit with Videojet & Markem Imaje cap size. You will need one and only one piece of this compressor to tighten up refill cartridges.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Compatible Linx 8900 Ink, Solvent & Empty Cartridges Available Now

Come and have a look at our newly delivered compatible 8900 ink, solvent & empty cartridges as well. After several tests, our compatible Linx 8900 empty cartridges are ready to be on the market now. With our compatible 8900 RFID, you could try this alternative liquid option for your Linx 8900 CIJ printer.

Here is more detail about the compatible Linx 8900 empty cartridges info:

Empty Ink Cartridge Packing Carton Size: 52*42*54cm, 156pcs/ctn

Empty Solvent Cartridge Packing Carton Size: 52*42*54, 81pcs/ctn

Compatible Ink & Solvent Packing info:

8900 Ink Packing Carton Size: 33*29*21.5cm, 20pcs/ctn

8900 Solvent Packing Carton Size: 33*29*21.5cm, 10pcs/ctn

Please feel free to contact for more info.

The Difference Between 8188 and A188

These two Markem Imaje make up look alike right. Just by looking at the appearance, they are exactly the same, except there is a RFID stuck on A188. That’s right, for A188 make up is applied on Markem Imaje CIJ printer model 9018, 9028, 9410, 9450, which requires a RFID to reset the working hours, so you see there is a RFID stuck on the cartridge of A188. While for 8188 make up, it’s for model 9020, 9030, 9040, which doesn’t require any RFID to work with.

Apart from the difference on appearance, the formula of A188 & 8188 are slightly different too. Sometimes you will see the make up to be pink, purple or even black, this is for easier customs clearance and delivery purpose only, because it’s difficult to deliver transparent liquids.

Compatible Videojet Inkcore Available

Compatible Videojet Inkcores

We used to sell refurbished or original Videojet inkcores, now after a couple thousand hours of testing, we finally launch our brand new compatible Videojet inkcores.

If you are looking inkcore for model 1210, 1220, 1510, 1520, 1610,1620,1710 etc, please feel free to drop us an quiry. However, inkcores comptible to Videojet 1000 Series UHS model are not available yet.

Say you are not so fond of refurbished inkcore, but the original new one costs your arms and legs, the compatible Videojet 1000 Series CIJ inkcore may be your first choice.

Just send us an inquiry if you have any further questions.

Oops, there is One More Thing to Look Out When Purchase the Markem Imaje Crack Board

How time flies, Markem Imaje’s new CIJ printers are in market now. They are with the newest system version 7.3 or above which is different from printer produced a year or two ago. You may have one of them already, if not, you may come across one later, who knows, life is full of surprises. Let’s just suppose that you are going to purchase a crack board for a Markem Imaje 9040 or 9450, what should we bear in mind then. For starter, you need to let us know your printer model (9020/9030/9040/9450…), and for which ink type you are going to applied on the printer(MB175/FB660…), these two info use to be enough for us to send you the correct crack board, but now, we also need to know when the printer is made, if it’s made around 2021, we have to look into the printer version to see if it’s 7.3 or above, if the printer is made a year or two ago, then we are fine, the crack board can totally work on them.

Markem Imaje 9040 9450 Crack Board
Markem Imaje 9040 9450 Crack Board

News just in, the RFID can’t work on the new MI printer system either. Let’s keep cracking.

Get the Early Bird Discount for Compatible 8900 Module with RFID now

Compatible 8900 Service Module with RFID
Compatible 8900 Service Module with RFID

Our compatible Linx 8900 series maintenance module with RFID finally pass its test and is available on market now. We haven’t promoted it yet, and for those who followed our website, you will be the first one to see this news. Come and get your early bird discount by replying.

The price of our compatible 8900 maintenance module costs much less than the original one, you will get an extra $5 discount if you purchase both the module & the RFID tag.

Contact us now.

New Arrival Alternative Linx 8900 Ink & Solvent RFID

8900 RFID is one of the most often required products, now we are finally able to offer an alternative one with good quality. We have compatible Linx 8900 RFID to both ink(1240/1010) and solvent(1505/1512).

It’s a newly developed product, and you may have doubts about the compatible RFID quality. Actually before launching these RFID in market, we have them tested for several days to make sure they perform well. We are confident to say that our alternative 8900 RFID works as good as any other compatible spare parts such as filters and membranes, which have been on market for a long time.

By the way, since the RFID is ready now, we are making the compatible cartridge & cap molds too. We will let you know asap after we testing the cartridges & caps.

Please feel free to contact us for compatible Linx 8900 ink & make up.

IC Chips for Videojet 1000 Series

If you pride yourself of Do-It-Yourself hands on ability, then this IC for Videojet 1000 series continuous inkjet printer will just help to save your money. It costs less than a inkcore board & carries the program info in it.

With the printer model program in it, this IC is the soul of the inkcore board. Weld it on your inkcore board, it will work as new. The IC locates here.

IC in the orange circle

For those who prefer a quick replacement, a comptible inkcore baord is still your first choice. Just take the old inkcore board out and intall a new one, convenient as that.

If you want to replace a whole inkcore, we got refurbished/new ones too. Please feel free to contact us.