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Stronger Version of Compatible Markem Imaje Pumps for Pigment Ink

There are far less people use printer with pigment ink, however, pigment ink printer is actually more demanding than printer applying the common black ink, due to the physical character of pigment makes it difficult for pumps to rotate.

We see this nichie market and launch our stronger version of Markem Imaje vacuum & pressure pump, special for pigment ink printer. The outer face of the pigment pump is with high chemical resistant coating, which can resist erosion from colored liquids. Apart from that, the body of the pump is made of durable stainless steel, which promises longevity of the pump.

Pigment Pump for Markem Imaje

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Videojet 1710 Inkcore Original New

The most frequently asked question about Videojet ink core is, why the delivery fee costs so much for such small spare part. Here is why, please kindly check below packing pictures.

Videojet Inkcore Packing Inside

As you can see, the ink core itself is not big, but since it’s delicate, the original packing box comes with thick Styrofoam for protection. So next time when you wonder why deliver fee of Videojet ink cores are so expensive, please taking the Styrofoam protector into consideration.

Videojet Inkcore
Vidoejet Inkcore Packing
Videojet 1710 Inkcore Packing

We supply original new, refurbished Videojet ink core of all models, please feel free to contact if you are interested.

We Will Fully be Back to Work on 10th Feb:)

The coronavirus outbreak is so fierce that caught us overwhelmed in the last few weeks. However, as time heals and progress is under taking, we hold strong belief that we will come through this sooner or later.

In the meanwhile, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients, who pray and send regards to us. We really appreciate your kindness.

The virus will no doubt cause great impact in commerce in 2020, what we can do is to work harder & devote more. We are now home office and if you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us. On 10th Feb, Fedex/DHL/UPS will resume service, parcels can be sent at that time.

Thank you again for your kind concerns and let’s pray for a better tomorrow.

back to work on 10th Feb
we are taking orders now

How to Wire Videojet Small Character CIJ Printer Sensor

The sensor is an external part that come with the Videojet CIJ printer. We always deliver it along with the printer itself. However, it may be confusing how to connect the sensor to the printer, here is the how-to.

Sensor & Wire

Connect the blue wire to #1, black one to #2 and brown one to #3. There you go, the sensor is ready.

How to wire

Any questions about Videojet inkjet printers, please feel free to contact us.

Used Videojet 1510 Sold & After Sales Problem Solved

Our used 1510 Videojet CIJ printer finally arrived at client’s workshop after Christmas & New Year’s holiday. When running the printer, client feedback the ink core would not allow ink come out, after trying for a few times, only the ink chip hour is wasted. We suggest client to check the solenoid, then problem solved.

Used Videojet 1510 CIJ Printer
Testing Video Before Delivery

We have tested the used 1510 continuous inkjet printer tested before delivery, but after a long journey, situation sometimes happens. Please feel free to send us pictures or videos that shows what’s wrong with the used printer, we will try our best to fix it.

Spring Festival Holiday Leave

As Chinese new year is coming, we & shipping agents will be out of office for a while to enjoy the year of mouse. 🙂

Holiday starts from 20th Jan to 1st Feb, during which time, email/whatsapp/wechat/line still available, but orders will not be processed after 2nd Feb. If you have urgent orders, please arrange ahead of time.

In this joyful season, we sincerely thank you for your support in the year of pig, and wish a happy year of mouse.