Cost Effective Transportation

For some items, take the empty cartridges as example, they take up space yet the cartridge itself does not value much. So here comes a problem that always prevent clients to order ink/solvent and empty cartridges.

But we will never stop to find out the best transport method to deliver large items fast and cost effective. Look at my Thailand client Jane for example.


In Sept 2018, Jane ordered two cartons of ink. We consult Fedex for the deliver fee, just you know, ink belongs to inflamable items, so DHL/UPS/EMS do not take it. As you can see, Fedex charged a lot and Jane need to spend more money on custom clearance, which hesitated Jane.  Then we look for another way to deliver, by special courier deliver by land. It provides tracking number for us, and price is lower compared with Fedex, so we decided to try a small order by this transport company. It took 6 days to reach Bangkok and two more days to deliver to door by local courier. Jane was happy for it.

MB175 (3)
first batch order, Jane is happy with the transport company service

In Nov 2018, Jane doubled her order and not a single drop of ink is leak, everything is safe & sound & now both parties are happy.

MB175 (1)
second batch order, everyting is safe & sound
MB175 (2)
second batch order, both parties are happy 🙂


We always like to take one more step to choose what is best for our clients, cause your satisfaction is the core value of our business.


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