Linx CJ400-The Second Lightest Continuous Inkjet Printer Ever

As we have been offering maintenance work in factories for 12 years, we can’t overlook the fact that workshops are becoming more compact, more flexible. Due to high workshop rent, higher company expenses, we need to produce more to stay in business.

So here comes the compact form of continuous inkjet printer, Linx CJ400, which is easy to maintenance, easy to relocate and easy to use.


Easy Maintenance

  1. Printhead cleaning-every 3 months
  2. Service Kit-just follow the replacement guidance on screen
  3. Answers to standard question will be provided on printer

Easy to Relocate

  1. Weight-13.5kg (including liquids)
  2. Can be relocate to anywhere on production line

Easy to Use

  1. Up to 3 lines, height from 1.8mm to 8.8mm
  2. 62 um Nozzle, save up to 40% consumables
  3. Up to 4 printing speed
  4. Store up to 1000 info
  5. Colored touch screen

We supply CJ400 service kit with maintenance code & other CJ400 spare parts, check on Ebay now.

For further information, please fill in the form below, we will reply you asap.

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