Let’s See What’s the Difference Between Domino Ink and Make Up Manifold

These two Domino CIJ manifolds share similar appearance and whose item numbers are only with the last number different(37753 ink manifold/37754 make up manifold). It’s a little bit difficult to tell ink manifold and make up manifold apart at first glance, but if we really look hard into them, the difference is obvious.

Say no more and let me crack where lies the difference between Domino ink manifold 37753/make up manifold 37754. It’s the top & bottom knob quantity.

37753 Domino Ink Manifold
37753 Domino Ink Manifold
37754 Domino Make Up Manifold
37754 Domino Make Up Manifold

As we can see from the pictures, the make up manifold 37754 with only 2 knobs on top, while the 37753 ink manifold with 3 knobs. For bottom knob quantity, ink manifold 37753 with 5 pieces in total and 37754 make up manifold has merely 4 knobs.

Easy right, if you want to know more about Domino ink jet printer spare parts, please feel free to contact us.

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