I Mean It, Please Don’t Buy Refurbished CJ400

CJ400 is one of the lightest Linx CIJ printer model, which is so compact that many of you may have already had one. If your Linx CJ400 is working well, please kee up with the routine maintenance work & keep the printer running ; If not, but you find yourself already get used to the CJ400 operation & don’t want to switch to another model, then you might probably think of buying a refurbished one, which is cheaper & workable.

As a supplier who sold three refurbished CJ400 printer in total, all I want to say is, would you prefer 4900, 6900 or 7900, they work well & we have them in stock. CJ400 is an innovative model, but with a not so stable system. And the outter cover is made of plastic, which is light but delicate during transportation.

Here is my experience of selling the refurbished CJ400, which is a unfortunate story, in summary, it’s how I from gaining 5% profit to lost money in selling them. Before delivery, technician tested the two CJ400. Everything is fine.

CJ400 Testing Video

Then we deliver them by DHL, the covers are broken when client received them, and some faulty warning pop up during testing. So I send some refurbished parts, such as a mainboard, a cable, covers for replacement. Sadly, when we fix one problem, another pops up showing something wrong with the mainboard.

I’m not saying Linx CJ400 is not good, if yours is working perfectly, then keep it going, if not & you are considering a refurbished Linx model, please try any models other than CJ400, it’s good for both of us.

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