All You Want to Know About the Linx 8900 Consumables

If you are looking for Linx 8900 ink & solvent, here are the most common asked questions.

  1. Do you have Linx 8900 ink & solvent?

-Yes, but we have original only.

  • Can you sell the RFID separately?

-Sorry the 8900 RFID is so delicate that we haven’t cracked it yet

  • Can you export the liquids?

-Yes, we have MSDS & SGS certificates, which allow us to export the liquids. However, certain licenses are also required on your side for import, cause liquids belong to hazardous item.

  • Can you give me discount?

-Sorry friend, since we also buy the 8900 original liquids from local Linx dealer, price is set. It may be as high as you buy from local, not to mention the delivery fee.

However, if you are looking for other Linx liquids which do not require RFID, we could offer cost effective compatible ones. Please feel free to contact us.

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