Which 36610 Pump Head You’re Looking For

“Please quote 1 piece of 36610 pump” when you want to know the price of Domino 36610 pump, is this the question that pops out from your head? However, to make your inquiry clearer, you should provide one more information, 36610 Domino pump head with long rotor, or Domino 36610 short rotor pump head? These two types of Domino pump head are of same price, but with different height, please refer to below picture.

Compatible 36610 pump with long/short motor

Please do remember to take a close look at the Domino pump head you are using now, make sure is it a long rotor or short rotor type, then send an inquiry. If you are not sure which type is applied on your printer, please send us the picture of the pump and the printer, we will figure it out for you.

Any further question, please fill in below contact form, we will reply you asap.

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