New Arrival Alternative Linx 8900 Ink & Solvent RFID

8900 RFID is one of the most often required products, now we are finally able to offer an alternative one with good quality. We have compatible Linx 8900 RFID to both ink(1240/1010) and solvent(1505/1512).

It’s a newly developed product, and you may have doubts about the compatible RFID quality. Actually before launching these RFID in market, we have them tested for several days to make sure they perform well. We are confident to say that our alternative 8900 RFID works as good as any other compatible spare parts such as filters and membranes, which have been on market for a long time.

By the way, since the RFID is ready now, we are making the compatible cartridge & cap molds too. We will let you know asap after we testing the cartridges & caps.

Please feel free to contact us for compatible Linx 8900 ink & make up.

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