Oops, there is One More Thing to Look Out When Purchase the Markem Imaje Crack Board

How time flies, Markem Imaje’s new CIJ printers are in market now. They are with the newest system version 7.3 or above which is different from printer produced a year or two ago. You may have one of them already, if not, you may come across one later, who knows, life is full of surprises. Let’s just suppose that you are going to purchase a crack board for a Markem Imaje 9040 or 9450, what should we bear in mind then. For starter, you need to let us know your printer model (9020/9030/9040/9450…), and for which ink type you are going to applied on the printer(MB175/FB660…), these two info use to be enough for us to send you the correct crack board, but now, we also need to know when the printer is made, if it’s made around 2021, we have to look into the printer version to see if it’s 7.3 or above, if the printer is made a year or two ago, then we are fine, the crack board can totally work on them.

Markem Imaje 9040 9450 Crack Board
Markem Imaje 9040 9450 Crack Board

News just in, the RFID can’t work on the new MI printer system either. Let’s keep cracking.

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