The Difference Between 8188 and A188

These two Markem Imaje make up look alike right. Just by looking at the appearance, they are exactly the same, except there is a RFID stuck on A188. That’s right, for A188 make up is applied on Markem Imaje CIJ printer model 9018, 9028, 9410, 9450, which requires a RFID to reset the working hours, so you see there is a RFID stuck on the cartridge of A188. While for 8188 make up, it’s for model 9020, 9030, 9040, which doesn’t require any RFID to work with.

Apart from the difference on appearance, the formula of A188 & 8188 are slightly different too. Sometimes you will see the make up to be pink, purple or even black, this is for easier customs clearance and delivery purpose only, because it’s difficult to deliver transparent liquids.

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