How to Avoid Imaje Pump Membrane IM0001 Being Torn Apart After A Week

Recently there is a client tells me that the compatible IM0001 membrane was torn apart after a few days use, he is not happy about it and ask for more expensive one with higher quality.

I am totally confident about our pump membrane because it’s produced in our workshop and I know we use imported material to make it. Besides, no other complains about IM0001 has ever been filed before. I mean, it’s not as good as original, but not as bad as go straight faulty after a week.

So I ask my client to take a picture of the torn apart membrane, and our technician gives answer. For a good condition central cylinder, the edge should be round and smooth. However, after grinding for a long period, the round surface slowly turns into square, which will pierce out the membrane. So if you install the IM0001 pump membrane on your 9020/9040 properly , but it still breaks down a few days, the problem probably lies in the central cylinder.

If you have any questions about Markem Imaje small character inkjet printer spare parts, please feel free to contact us.

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