You Will Always Get What You Bought

As we all know, purchasing refurbished continuous inkjet parts are tricky. What is the exact definition of 95% new? To make sure what you are going to receive, you may ask your supplier to send you a picture before paying, however, this still don’t 100% guarantee that you will not get a faulty refurbished part. Why? First of all, some delicate refurbished parts like the main boards are easily damaged during transportation, the electronic components on it may loosen a little bit, etc; for another, the refurbished parts may not be properly tested before delivery.

We always try to make our customer rest assure that what he/she saw and paid for, will be what he receive. For example, one of our customers purchased a refurbished Hitachi RX2 CIJ printer in July, as it takes a few days for us to have it tested and clean, we miss the shipment & have to leave the refurbished printer in our warehouse to wait for another shipment. Here is the testing video we sent to customer in July.

Then at the end of December, we are notified that it’s time to deliver the refurbished printer with other cargos. We take a new video showing the printer serial number & testing performance for customer.

It costs us extra to keep the printer in our warehouse (we have to maintenance it from time to time) & test it again before delivery. However, it’s only way to make both parties be confident about the transaction, so we are happy to do it.

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