Save Up to $200 for a Refurbished Videojet Ink Core

Refurbished Inkcore Without Pump
Refurbished Inkcore Without Pump
refurbished inkcore with pump
refurbished inkcore with pump

When your Videojet ink core needs to be replaced, by checking if the pump works or not, could save you up to $200. As the pump seldom goes wrong, if we could continue to harness it, why hurry for a replacement. But how do we know if the pump is working? Well, there is a simple way to figure it out, by hearing the sound of the pump. Whilst the pump is working, if we listen carefully, we will notice the pump produce a small noise, which means it is working fine; if there is no sound generated by the pump at all, then we need to buy a refurbished ink core with pump then. We have two types of pump for you to choose, one is compatible, the other is refurbished original. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

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