How to Wire Up Hitachi RX Sensor

When we purchase a Hitachi continuous inkjet printer, the sensor doesn’t come with the printer by default. Therefore we have to order a sensor seperately or we could do it in a more eco-friendly way, by applying a sensor from another Hitachi continuous inkjet printer on this new one. Then it may comes to the question, will the old sensor work well with the new Hitachi CIJ printer, how can I wire it? Well, the Hitachi inkjet printer sensor is compatible to its printers, no matter they are new or used, for wiring, it’s a piece of cake for you, brown-1 black-2 blue-3. That’s it.

Hitachi continuous inkjet printer requires little maintenance work & with proper care, it can work for up to more than 10 years. If you need any compatible or refurbished parts, please feel free to send us inquiry lists or pictures.

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