Better Quality Compatible Markem Imaje Electrovalve ENM5044

The electrovalve for Markem Imaje continuous inkjet printer is delicate. To be very frank, our compatible ENM5044 electrovalve doesn’t perform as smooth as the original ones, which leads to complaint & replacement from time to time. Some clients prefer to purchase the original one, despite the original ENM5044 costs 4 times higher than the compatible one. However, for other clients, cost-effective compatible CIJ spare parts are still their first choice.

Up until now, we have to either spend a fortune to purchase the original ENM5044 electrovalve, or to put up with the less satisfied compatible one. Good news is we finally launch a better quality ENM5044 to market this week. We apply finer material to produce the inner parts of the electrovalve, after a few times test & development, we are able introduce this better option of ENM5044 to you which costs higher than the previous compatible one though.

If you are interested in this better ENM5044 electrovalve, please feel free to contact us.

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