Compatible 8900 RFID Works on 5.3 Software

Last week my client David told me that the 1240 RFID doesn’t work on his new printer, he tried three other tags, but still failed. The RFIDs are still within expire date, and I’m sure that the program is properly written in the tags, so they should be working fine.

As usual procedure, I asked David if he can send me some pictures, so he did. Then we found out where the problem lies, it’s a new printer with 5.3 version software, the RFIDs we sold to David last year were not so advanced to work on the newest software, but not anymore.

patible 8900 Ink and Solvent RFID work on 5.3 version software
Compatible 8900 Ink and Solvent RFID work on 5.3 version software

We’ve figured out the 5.3 version software last month and tested the compatible tags for a few days. Now we are sure to launch the RFId tags compatible to Linx 8900 CIJ 5.3 version software. In fact, all the compatible Linx 8900 ink and solvent RFID we sell will work on the newest 5.3 version, and price will be the same.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

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