How Many Hours Does the Compatible 8900 Service RFID Have

As we are selling more compatible Linx 8900 RFID tags, comes more questions regarding how long the RFIDs can work? Here we are going to reply it all.

The original Linx 8900 service module RFID gets 8000 working hours in it, if you think that our compatible tags must get less hours, then you are wrong. Our tags contain a suprising 13000 working-hour. The service module RFID tag starts to countdown the day you install it.

There are 13000 hours in our compatible 8900 service module RFID

For our compatible 8900 ink RFID, it works around 18 months whilest the solvent RFID works around 24 months. These RFID for liquids start to countdown their service time from the day we program them.

Above are our answer to the most frequently asked questions regarding compatible 8900 RFID tags. One more thing, if you are going to order Linx 8900 ink or solvent RFID tags, please let us know your liquid model first, we may or may not have the program for it.

Please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

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