Why the Videojet 1620 Printer so Expensive

If you were planning to buy an original new Videojet printer 3 months ago, and finally make up your mind to seal the deal today, you will find that the quotaion is no longer valid, price goes up again.

It’s not because of the rate gets worse, nor the delivery fee continues to break its record(though these factors also play a role), but due to a notice sent by our local Videojet distributor, saying that the 1000 series continuous inkjet printers were no long be produced since 31st Jan 2022, and after sales service will not be available after 31st Dec 2026.

Why the Price Increased so Much!
Why the Price Increased so Much!

Despite the price of original new Videojet 1000 printers and spare parts go up, we could still turn to refurbished original parts, which is not as shiny as the new one, but still, they are in good working condition and price is much much more reasonable. Besides, we know that you may doubt the quality the second hand printers and spare parts, worry not, we will test them before delivery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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