Have You Got a M6 RFID for 9018?

Have you got a compatible M6 RFID for my 9018 Markem Imaje? Yes we have, but which one do you need? Don’t be daunted by my question, it’s essential to the purchase and not that difficult to answer.

Basically, we have two M6 RFID tags, both with 6000 serving hours. One for 9018, 9028 and 9029 with software version under 3.0; the other for 9018 and 9028 with software version above 3.0. These two tags are with different price and are not compatible with each other. So before we place order, we have to figure out which one do we need first.

So you may ask I don’t know which software version my printer is with. Easy, just take a look at the manual on screen, you will find the software verion. See, it’s not difficult to order the right compaitble M6 RFID tag at all.

Compatible M6 RFID Tag with 6000 Hours
Compatible M6 RFID Tag with 6000 Hours

For more compatible Markem Imaje M6 Module spare parts, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

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