On What Software Can Our Compatible RFID Work Well

As new Markem Imaje and Linx continuous printers keep coming on market, so are our comaptible RFID tags. Here I’m going to list the latest software our compatible RFID tags can work on.

First, most hot sale compatible MB175 and A188 RFID for Markem Imaje 9040/9450 CIJ printer. They can work on any software version, technical speaking. We’ve tested them on the newest printer we have, with 9.0 software version, they wrok fine. If you have a Markem Imaje printer with 8.3/8.4/8.5 software, please feel free to place an order.

However, for the cracked board, we are still working on them. So far they can work on 9018/9028 under 3.0 software, and 9410/9450 under 7.3 software.

Crack Board MB175

Since we are talking about the RFID tags, let’s bring the Linx in together. For Linx 1240, 1512 etc, they can work on up to 8.3.1 software.

For more information regarding RID tags, countdown chips, crack boards, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

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