Refurbished or Original Inkcore

When we purchase a Videojet inkcore, there are three options, compatible, original refurbished and original new. Which one shall we choose, that’s a question. Here are some small tips.

  1. Compatible- we offer compatible inkcore for several models(not including UHS), such as 1510 1520 1610 etc. They are well tested and 100% comptible to your printer. There will no ink leakage problem because all the parts inside are new. The only dissapointment is the cost, a compatible inkcore costs slightly higher than a refurbished one.
  2. Refurbished- before we launched the compatible inkcore, most of you prefer refurbished inkcore instead of an original new one. Price is affordable and it works as good as new. For all refurbished inkcores, we have them ran on printer for 1 to 2 days and then clean, pack and ship them. There is one small problem though, we usually leave some ink inside the refurbished inkcore, to keep the tubes and parts smooth, but it may result to ink leakage during transportation. You may need to spend some time to clean the refurbished inkcore when it arrives.
  3. Original New- it’s more expensive than compatible and refurbished inkcore. We usually won’t recommend you to buy an original new inkcore except for 1710 and other color pigment models. Because color pigment is stickier, it easily cause blocks inside the inkcore. So for those model inkcore, we suggest you to spend more to avoid problems.
Original New 1710 Inkcore Without Pump

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