Which Kind of ENM5044 Electrovalve You’ve Sent Me?

By simply looking at the appearance of the Markem Imaje ENM5044 electrovalves, we can’t tell which one is of original, standard compatible or compatible with better quality. So you may wonder, how I know, which ENM5044 you have sent me.

The most vital part of a MI ENM5044 electrovalve lies in its inner core, despite we can’t tell the three types of ENM5044 apart by their appearance at one, you will know which one you get once you apply it on the printer.

Better Quality Compatible ENM5044
Better Quality Compatible ENM5044
Standard Compatible ENM5044 Electrovalve
Standard Compatible ENM5044 Electrovalve

The original ENM5044 is the most satisfied, it works smoothly and with longer working life. The compatible Markem Imaje electrovalves, to be honest, performs not as good as the original one, but the better quality one seldom goes faulty.

Original ENM5044 Markem Imaje Electrovalve
Original ENM5044 Markem Imaje Electrovalve

So will this piece of news assures you that you will exactly get the ENM5044 you pay for? Well, as we are looking for long term business, we promise you will get what you pay for. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

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