We Guarantee You Are Getting a Good Quality Spare Part

We have been selling compatible & refurbished/new original spare parts for continuous inkjet parts for years, we know more or less what you worry about when you place order for expensive spare parts, what if I get a faulty part that fails to work, will there be any help for trouble shooting, can I return it if I don’t want the part since it’s not working.

Well, let me get all these questions straight here so that we will be on the same page of what we are getting.

No matter the spare part you purchased costs $5 or $500, we will send pictures to you for quality approval before delivery, if there is a serial number on the spare part, we will include it in a close up picture. When the parts reach your place, we could provide online guidance & trouble shooting if you have questions about installation or other related issues (Please note that we are happy to help with any CIJ printer issues, but what we could offer is guidance, not step by step instruction, please do find someone with basic understanding of your printer to undertake the maintenance work). If our spare part doesn’t fit with your printer, we accept return & refund as long as the part is intact, not damaged during the service work.

According to our company policy, warranty for refurbished parts are of 3 months, compatible parts of 6 months, but we know sometimes you purchase the parts in stock and may apply them several months later, please let us know the condition of the parts, we are always happy to come up with a solution that makes both parties satisfied.

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