Does a Refurbished Pump Head Works Better than a Compatible One

Many of you may have already purchased compatible pump heads, they are working fine and most importantly, their price is user-friendly. However, we have to admit that a compatible pump head, despite all our efford to improve its performance, it doesn’t work as good as an original one.

I came across some complaints, including the pump just doesn’t work, the configuration is not right, the pump works for only a few weeks, it’s leaking ink and the pump can’t reach the standard pressure requirement. The first issue is feedbaced once, all the pumps sent are from the same batch, but one of them just doesn’t work, no matter how hard the on-site technical person try to fix it, there is no response from the pump. The second & third issues are a result of lack of communication, my customer bought an pressure pump ENM5629 and installed it on a 9450C printer, can’t handle the sticky white pigment, our ENM5629 stopped working after a few weeks. And one small thing, the configuration of pressure pump for 9040 and 9450 is different, instead of trying to drill a hole on a 9040 pump head, let’s just buy a 9450 pump head. This one is on me, I should have asked my client for which model he is serving, then we could sent a 9450C pump head to him. The fourth problem is due to a loosen airtight screw, after putting the screw back on the pump, it works properly again. The last problem is most tricky, we are really not able to fix it on site, but have to return the pump head.

Not all customers feedback their compatible pumps got problems, but if you want to avoid such unhappy situations, a refurbished pump head may be your first choice. It costs much lower than an original new pump, and we will frightfully test and clean it before delivery. Here is an example of how we test a refurbished pump head. Please check on Youtube video You can see the pump serial number and pressure range on display clearly.

If you ahve any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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