Where to Plug the MI Crack Board in

We have talked about the compatible Markem Imaje crack board before, such as how to adjust the printer time when the crack board expired(just turn back time setting to 2 years ago, it will work again), and how to purchase the correct crack board for your printer(we need to know your printer model, software version and for which type of ink).

Today we address one simple yet important aspect about the crack board, where to install it.

wrong board to plug the crack board in
Here is an example of how you may plug it in the wrong board.
We should plug the crack board here
The correct connection point should be there.

If we connect the crack board incorrectly, nothing happens on the printer which may leads you to think the crack board goes faulty. Before jumping to this conclusion, please kindly check if you have plug in the right place.

Any further questions about the Markem Imaje crack board, please feel free to contact us.

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