Used Videojet 1220 CIJ Printer for Sale

Second Hand 1220 CIJ Printer Running Perfectly

Howdy mates, how is your summer holiday. Back to business, we have some second hand Videojet CIJ printers in stock for sale. Despite the word “used” is not an accurate adjective to describe the condition of a printer, no worries, here are more detail in pictures & video for your reference.

As we are always saying a picture tells more than a thousand words, how about a video featuring one of the most concerned parts-umbilical.

Apart from the regular Videojet 1000 series models, we also have UHS models in stock too. It will take us two days to run the used printer again for final test, then they are ready to go.

Please feel free to drop us an inquiry if you are looking for a good condition second hand Videojet continuous printer.

A150i A350i Empty Cartridges Available Now

Domino Ax series is a rather new model compared to A/A+ series CIJ printer. We receive inquiries regarding empty cartridges for A150i/A350i ink/solvent from time to time, however, as the A150i & A350i ink/solvent must work with RFID, we can’t just sell you the bottles, because you are not able to use it unless with new RFID.

Now good news, we’ve sucessfully tested the A150i/A350i ink & solvent RFID and the yellow empty cartridges are fianlly able to be sold. Please contact us for more info if you have further questions about these new cartridges.

While we are promoting the compatible cartridges for new printer model, it doesn’t mean we stop selling liquid bottles for old CIJ models. Just drop us an inquiry and you will see if we could provide what you are looking for.

We Finally Crack the Domino A350i Module RFID

Testing after testing, we finally crack the Domino Ax series A350i RFID program & put them into practise. Now we are able to sell them to further markets. All of our RFIDs are 100% compatible to Domino A350i printer & perform stably. Please feel free to purchase samples on Ebay.

A350i RFID Compatible
A350i RFID Compatible

Apart from keeping up with the latest technology, we continue to provide time-proven good quality aftermaket spare parts for continuous inkjet printers such as Domino, Linx, Markem Imaje, Videojet etc. If you are looking for compatible filters, keyboard membrane, power supply, countdown chips, inkcore… please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry list. We will quote to you asap.

Check Out How to Replace a New Videojet Inkcore Board

When the Videojet small character printer shows ink core time run out, it’s time to replace a new one to run down hours again. However, not everyone knows how to dismantle the old inkcore card and install a new one. No worry, it’s as simple as ABC, follow the steps and you can replace the inkcore board by yourself.

All you need is a screwdriver, firstly take the inkcore out, loosen the screws and you will see the inkcore board, then keep loosening the five screws which fix the inkcore board to the box. Bob’s your uncle now. When install the new inkcore board, just reverse the process of how your take out the old one.

How to Replace a Videojet Inkcore Board

Just one more thing, most of Videojet CIJ printers apply type A inkcore card, but there are actually total 5 different type. To make sure everything is right, we better have a look at which type of inkcore board you are using now.

Any questions, please feel free to contact.

Just Let Us Know What Model of Chip You Are Looking For

We need the countdown chips to keep the Videojet ink and solvent run, the most commonly used chip models are V410-D/V411-D for standard ink and V705-D/V706-D for solvent.

Apart from these two models, we supply chips which are less commonly used Videojet model too, like model V420-D, V483-D, V490-C. It’s a little bit too much for us to list all the ink & solvent model we have, but you are always welcome to drop us an inquiry. We will check out our list and let you know if we could provide the Videojet countdown chip you are looking for.  

You Will Always Get What You Bought

As we all know, purchasing refurbished continuous inkjet parts are tricky. What is the exact definition of 95% new? To make sure what you are going to receive, you may ask your supplier to send you a picture before paying, however, this still don’t 100% guarantee that you will not get a faulty refurbished part. Why? First of all, some delicate refurbished parts like the main boards are easily damaged during transportation, the electronic components on it may loosen a little bit, etc; for another, the refurbished parts may not be properly tested before delivery.

We always try to make our customer rest assure that what he/she saw and paid for, will be what he receive. For example, one of our customers purchased a refurbished Hitachi RX2 CIJ printer in July, as it takes a few days for us to have it tested and clean, we miss the shipment & have to leave the refurbished printer in our warehouse to wait for another shipment. Here is the testing video we sent to customer in July.

Then at the end of December, we are notified that it’s time to deliver the refurbished printer with other cargos. We take a new video showing the printer serial number & testing performance for customer.

It costs us extra to keep the printer in our warehouse (we have to maintenance it from time to time) & test it again before delivery. However, it’s only way to make both parties be confident about the transaction, so we are happy to do it.

Plastic Tubes for MI Small Character Inkjet Printer

Plastic tube works as special high way for ink & make up, to deliver them from liquid tank or reservoir to another part of the inkjet printer system. It seldom goes wrong, but when you need to replace the tube, please noted that there are two types of tube with different diameter, one of 1/2” the other of 3/4”. Or you could take a picture of your printer ink system and point out which section of tube you are going to replace, we will send you the right size tubes.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How to Avoid Imaje Pump Membrane IM0001 Being Torn Apart After A Week

Recently there is a client tells me that the compatible IM0001 membrane was torn apart after a few days use, he is not happy about it and ask for more expensive one with higher quality.

I am totally confident about our pump membrane because it’s produced in our workshop and I know we use imported material to make it. Besides, no other complains about IM0001 has ever been filed before. I mean, it’s not as good as original, but not as bad as go straight faulty after a week.

So I ask my client to take a picture of the torn apart membrane, and our technician gives answer. For a good condition central cylinder, the edge should be round and smooth. However, after grinding for a long period, the round surface slowly turns into square, which will pierce out the membrane. So if you install the IM0001 pump membrane on your 9020/9040 properly , but it still breaks down a few days, the problem probably lies in the central cylinder.

If you have any questions about Markem Imaje small character inkjet printer spare parts, please feel free to contact us.

Compatible Hitachi Ux Empty Cartridges Available

We have newly launched our compatible Hitachi Ux continuous inkjet printer empty ink & solvent cartridges. The molds are tested and 100% compatible. Apart from compatible cartridges for the new Hitachi CIJ printer, we also continue to provide the compatible classic 1 liter empty cartridge for ink and solvent. Please feel free to contact for more cartridges info.

ompatible Hitachi Ux Empty Ink Cartridge
Compatible Hitachi Ux Empty Ink Cartridge

We also supply compatible Hitachi spare parts such as pump membrane, filter, valves, tanks etc.

Top Up the Make Up & Ink Please

From time to time we receive clients’ feedback that asking us to fill up the bottle with make up or ink. “You see there is still room for more liquid, please top it up in next order.” We could top up the bottle, but we actually leave some room in the bottle on purpose. For the solvent and make up contain volatile liquids, when heated up, they transform to gas and volume expands, which leads to increasing pressure inside the bottle and maybe explosion in the end. So for safety sake, we spare some room to buffer the increasing pressure.

So if you have the same question about why the Markem Imaje/Domino/Linx/Videojet ink & make up is around 85% fill up, safety is reason why. Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions regarding CIJ printer liquids.