Let’s See What’s the Difference Between Domino Ink and Make Up Manifold

These two Domino CIJ manifolds share similar appearance and whose item numbers are only with the last number different(37753 ink manifold/37754 make up manifold). It’s a little bit difficult to tell ink manifold and make up manifold apart at first glance, but if we really look hard into them, the difference is obvious.

Say no more and let me crack where lies the difference between Domino ink manifold 37753/make up manifold 37754. It’s the top & bottom knob quantity.

37753 Domino Ink Manifold
37753 Domino Ink Manifold
37754 Domino Make Up Manifold
37754 Domino Make Up Manifold

As we can see from the pictures, the make up manifold 37754 with only 2 knobs on top, while the 37753 ink manifold with 3 knobs. For bottom knob quantity, ink manifold 37753 with 5 pieces in total and 37754 make up manifold has merely 4 knobs.

Easy right, if you want to know more about Domino ink jet printer spare parts, please feel free to contact us.

Why Should We Have An Extra

To figure out the answer to why we need a used printer, first we need to think of the benefits of having an extra printer.  For one thing, the extra printer can shift work with your old printer along side; for the other, even if you have a very robust CIJ printer now, eventually it comes to a point that you need to replace some score spare parts, a spare printer, can provide just the right material.

Used Hitachi PXR Printer
Used Hitachi PXR Printer

So if we are on the same page that having an extra continuous inkjet printer is necessary, a used printer is one of the best options for you. It functions well, with a whole identical parts which are  ready to volunteer. Above all, the price is much lower than a new one. 

New Model of Compatible Domino 37753 Ink Manifold

Domino 37753 ink manifold is a commonly use spare part, but do you know there are two versions of 37753 ink manifold of Domino?

This is the new version of compatible Domino 37753 ink manifold, if you look closely, you will notice there is two little pointed horns on top, which is the difference between the old version.

37753 Ink Manifold Assembly New Version
37753 Ink Manifold Assembly New Version

Now we usually send the new model of 37753 ink manifold to clients, if you have specific requirement of the flat-top old version 37753, please give us a heads-up. Both models are available in stock.

There Is No Matter Too Small

we are a small supplier, so is our focus on small details.

Regardless big or small orders, from testing to packing, we take care of everything for you.

Used continuous inkjet printer spare part testing

If you decide to purchase a refurbished CIJ spare part from us, we thank you very much for your smart move. Due to these refurbished spare parts are different in condition, and they are always rather expensive, we will send you pictures and quotation matched with picture item for approval first. Exact same item will be sent against payment, along with testing video & pictures.

Small compatible continuous inkjet printer parts

Compatible spare parts are generally smaller, and easy to dispatch. All compatible CIJ spare parts are under strict & long-time testing before going into market. Despite their small volume, for delicate electronic items, we go to great length for careful packing.

Real-time deliver tracking

After the parcel is picked up by courier, our service continues until it is safely arrives on your hand. But sometimes shipping agent can not provide website for special sea-line shipping, in this case, we will update states from agent everyday.

Please noted for unstable disturbing area, we will make sure if it is possible to deliver in advance. Please take our advise into consideration to avoid local dispatching problems.

Comply to Safety Policy Strictly & Stay Health Equals Earning More

For we who work with the continuous ink jet printers, inhaling the funny smell of liquids is not avoidable. Apart from the unpleasant odor causes great stimulation to our lung, the ink & solvent smell has bigger potential hazardous to our health. The cause lies in the chemical element Ketone, which is the base of every CIJ ink & solvent.

What can we do despite there no way to avoid contacting ink jet printer make up and ink? Well, at least we could comply our maintenance process according to the safety warning in user manual strictly. It can help us prevent further unnecessary physical contact with the liquids. I just simple leave listing all of the do’s and don’ts behind here, you could check out all of the notes on your user manual in safety section.

Now here comes the traditional Chinese way that we believe can lessen harm to our body.

  1. Drink more water. Water helps flushing hazardous items out of our body.
  2. Drink chrysanthemum tea. We believe chrysanthemum tea is good for liver, which is an important organ to detox.
  3. Drink honey tea. Put a spoon of honey into your cup of tea or coffee, it could nurture our whole body from inside to outside.

In the end, health is the biggest fortune we ever have. Let’s keep the continuous ink jet printer as well as our body maintained.