Markem Imaje RFID—Extend the Life Span of Your Liquids

Our Markem Imaje RFID life span is between 12 and 18 months.

MB175 Ink RFID

As far as our compatible liquids speaking, the ink & solvent can work for up to 24 months, but performance will be greatly reduced after 15 months. Better use up the liquids within a-year’s time.

Please feel free to let us know your ink & solvent number, we will check if we have the compatible RFID for it.

We Are Giving CIJ Printer Maintenance Code For Free

One of the most commonly asked questions is can you give me friend discount, as a matter of fact, we are not ripping clients off and just doing one time business. So instead of offering you guys discount, how about we giving maintenance codes for free?

Videojet daily code, free!

Markem Imaje maintenance code, free! Please give us picture of the time & date on your printer as below picture, we will send the maintenance to you later.

time on printer

However Linx surefil code is not on the free-giving list.

Good quality, affordable price and extra service goes beyond, contact us for more info now.

How to Tell Domino GP & A Series Pump Repair Service Kit Apart

If you maintenance both Domino GP & A series pumps, and purchase pump repair service kit of both models, how to tell these two pump service kits apart? The easiest way is by identifying the two small balls. Take the 16 pieces set of A series pump repair kit for example, there are two small balls in the kit, while in a GP pump service kit, there will be no such balls, because GP pump doesn’t need them.

A Series & GP Pump Head Gear Repair Kit

Moreover, GP pump service kit usually contains ten small gadgets, this is the most common set and we recommend let’s keep it this way, no less or more, the 10 pieces GP pump gear kit will meet with your requirements. However, for the A series pumps, the full kit is of 16 pieces gadgets, but you could custom the numbers in one set by your demand. You could choose part of the gadgets from the 16 pieces, the most common A series pump repair kit gear is of 7 pieces, 10 pieces, 13 pieces and 16 pieces.

If you have any other questions, about the Domino pump head repair gear kit, such as how to use them etc, please feel free to contact us.

New Arrival! Videojet 1520 1610 1620 8GB Memory Card Original

Original Videojet 8GB memory cards for 1000 series at affordable price, buy it on our Ebay store.

1520 Memory Card

If you wonder where this small memory card lies? Here is it.

Memory Card Location

We supply original as well as compatible continuous inkjet printer spare parts for brands such as Linx, Markem Imaje, Videojet, Domino, Citronix, KGK etc. Please feel free to contact us for more info, you can send us part number or pictures, we will quote asap.

Linx White Pigment Pump Available Now

Apart from the special strong pump head for Markem Imaje white pigment, we launch the same strong pump for Linx 4900 5900 too, it’s attached on the 80 watt motor.

Linx Compatible White Pigment Pump Head

As we can see, the Linx pump head for white pigment is coated with a chemical-resistant black layer, which provides extra protection to the demanding working environment in a white pigment Linx printer.

If you look for a complete set of pump head with motor, please feel free to contact us. We could provide a single pump head, a single motor, and a complete pump set( pump head with motor).

Good News, the Compatible Markem Imaje Pumps Come with a Screw Driver Now

Ever since our client feedback that the screw comes off the pump and leads to pigment leakage, we have been finding ways to reduce the inconvenience as much as possible. Though it’s rare that the screw comes off the pump, once accident happens, how to repair the pump with the right tool become the primp matter.

Markem Imaje Compatible Pumps

Then we come with one solution, for clients who purchase more than 2 pieces of compatible Markem Imaje pressure/vacuum pumps, we will send a free screw driver along with the package. Let’s pray for the best, and prepare the right tool for you if something happens.

If you have any questions about the compatible Markem Imaje pressure/vacuum pump, please fill in below contact form, we will reply you asap.

Markem Imaje 9040 Compatible Pressure Pump for White Pigment Leakage Problem

Yesterday my client sent us pictures about white pigment leaks from the compatible pump, he is a little unhappy about it, for it takes extra time and work to repair it. We feel very sorry about that but sometimes situation happens.

So we start to look for what cause the leakage. On the picture, we find that a screw was missing, from which pigment leaks out. Once the reason is found, the rest of work is to put the screw back with a “-“ screw driver, and the top of screw should be on the same horizontal level as the top of pump. There are odds that the compatible spare parts break down, such as printer shows warning signs or fail to read the compatible parts, please be cool and contact us with pictures or videos that shows the situation, our experienced technical team are always here to back you up.