Linx CJ400 Runs Only 2 Hours for Sale

We just have a hardly use CJ400 continuous inkjet printer in stock, if you are interested, please feel free to contact me for price and delivery fee.

This time, we will deliver the CJ400 in its original Linx carton, with all the foams inside to protect the printer from being damaged during transportation.

CJ400 receives two extreme different review, some think its system is unstable, despite it’s light in weight, its case is made of fragile plastic; while others like it anyway. For those who still favor CJ400 and happen to need a good one, feel free to drop us an inquiry, not all refurbished CJ400 continuous inkjet printer is in this excellent condition.

We Are Back to Work Now

We are back to work now

How are you guys. We just have a long Chinese new year holiday, and freshly get back to work. Not only our office staffs are at office now, our technicians are also coming back in this week, which means the continuous inkjet arts are ready to be tested, your technical questions will be answered in a timely manner.

Time is drifting by during this long holiday, I have absolutely no idea what I have done apart from endless dinning & nibbles, speaking of that, I’m feeling a little bit hungry right now(I just finish breakfast two hours ago).

Anyway, I’m back to work now & please help me get back to work mode by dropping as much inquiries as possible.

Which 36610 Pump Head You’re Looking For

“Please quote 1 piece of 36610 pump” when you want to know the price of Domino 36610 pump, is this the question that pops out from your head? However, to make your inquiry clearer, you should provide one more information, 36610 Domino pump head with long rotor, or Domino 36610 short rotor pump head? These two types of Domino pump head are of same price, but with different height, please refer to below picture.

Compatible 36610 pump with long/short motor

Please do remember to take a close look at the Domino pump head you are using now, make sure is it a long rotor or short rotor type, then send an inquiry. If you are not sure which type is applied on your printer, please send us the picture of the pump and the printer, we will figure it out for you.

Any further question, please fill in below contact form, we will reply you asap.

Learn How to Wire This Compatible Hitachi RX2 Transducer, Save Up to $200

The appearance of our compatible transducer of Hitachi RX2 is different from the original one, but it works the same.

The comparison of original & compatible transducer

When you get the compatible one, just match the wires with each color, red to red, black to black & white to white. Voila, it’s done.


Instead of buying an original new or second hand transducer, a compatible one works just fine and costs much less. Contact us for more small character continuous inkjet printer parts info.

All You Want to Know About the Linx 8900 Consumables

If you are looking for Linx 8900 ink & solvent, here are the most common asked questions.

  1. Do you have Linx 8900 ink & solvent?

-Yes, but we have original only.

  • Can you sell the RFID separately?

-Sorry the 8900 RFID is so delicate that we haven’t cracked it yet

  • Can you export the liquids?

-Yes, we have MSDS & SGS certificates, which allow us to export the liquids. However, certain licenses are also required on your side for import, cause liquids belong to hazardous item.

  • Can you give me discount?

-Sorry friend, since we also buy the 8900 original liquids from local Linx dealer, price is set. It may be as high as you buy from local, not to mention the delivery fee.

However, if you are looking for other Linx liquids which do not require RFID, we could offer cost effective compatible ones. Please feel free to contact us.

Do You Notice That There Are Two Types of Domino A Series Keyboard Membrane

Yes, there are two types of keyboard membrane for Domino A series small character printer, one with rectangle window, and the other with square window. Since the window size is different, they are not be able to compatible with each other, please make sure which type of keyboard membrane you are currently applying, and then order the same one.

Domino A Series Keyboard Membrane

Apart from the Domino A series square/rectangle keyboard membrane, we also supply

Domino GP Keyboard membrane

Videojet 1000 Series Keypad membrane

Linx 4900 Keypad membrane

Linx 5900 Keypad membrane

Linx 6900 Keypad membrane

Linx 7300 Keypad membrane

For further inquiry, please fill in below contact form, we will reply you asap.

Spring Festival Holiday Leave Notice

Hi friends, we are going to have a long holiday, if you are going to place order, please plan ahead.

Our spring festival starts from 11th to 17th Feb 2021, I will be in touch during this time, but orders will be arranged on around 22nd 2021. For workshop staffs & shipping agents usually extend their holiday by leaving at the end of Jan & getting back to work late in Feb.

Thank you for your support all the time & best wishes for the year of ox.

Picture Reference to Two Types of Domino36610 Pump without Motor

Apart from there are different Domino CIJ printer pump heads for different ink models, such as pump for 299bk ink, pump for 270bk, pump for white pigment, there are two different types of pumps head for the same type of ink too, which are pump with long rotor, and with short motor.They are of the same price, but we still you to find out which one is applying on the printer now, so that we can provide the right pump head to you.

Take a look at the picture, we can see the overall length of long rotor pump and short rotor pump is not the same, please take it as a reference to the pump you are applying now, and then let us know which one you are looking for.

Markem Imaje Compatible Indication Lamps Available

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the spare part’s name or part number, drop us a picture of it. We will know.

Markem Imaje 9040 Indication Warning Lamp

Like this, I actually don’t know the part number of Markem Imaje 9040 indication warning lamp either, but by the picture, we know exactly what you are looking for. Apart from indication lamp that compatible to Markem Imaje, we also got such lamps for other CIJ printers. Please feel free to contact us.

All the Best for 2021 My Friend

Happy New Year

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but life must go on & look, we make it through. 🙂

In 4 days 2021 will come, I sinserely thank all of you for the support in 2020. Business is especially tough this year, I’m sure you are in silimar situation like us, without your kind support, our business won’t last till today.

Thank you for your orders & considerations in 2020. I know sometimes it takes days for us to get every technical question straight, delivery takes much longer time but DHL charge never goes down like before, the price of some original parts you asked in late 2019 doubled or even tripled, some parts arrived damaged…All of these problems are frustrating, but won’t deter us from continuing our business. For your support & kind consideration, are what always drive us moving.

If you ever pay attention to the RMB:USD rate, you will know that we our margin actually shrinks. However, we strike to keep our price still. We know that you have quoted to your client, and it’s natural that there are ups & downs in currency exchange rate, as long as we can cover the cost, we will keep our price remain the same.

We like the win-win business mold and aim for long-term business relationship. Among all the suppliers, there must be offers with lower price, but you choose us. We are grateful to that & in return, we will try our best to make deals as smooth as possible.

We provide tech support before the purchase, just to make sure we are on the same page, it will take some time, but definitely worthwhile to do that, to avoid sending wrong items to you; When you receive the cargo & have some quesitons about them, please let us know freely, no matter it’s delivery problem or after sales problem(let’s hope we won’t come across them), we will always be here to solve it.

All I want to say here is, thank you guys. Let’s pray for a better 2021 & keep business rocking.