36610 Pump Head for High Adhesive 299bk Ink On Sale This Week

For every three months, we receive order of Domino filters and 36610 pump head from a regular client. We have been friends for a long time and I know he purchase these compatible Domino continuous inkjet printer spare parts for his workshop, not re-selling to others. Based on the quantity of filter kits, I think he owns 1 to 2 Domino printers, therefore, it’s unusual for one to purchase 36610 pump head every quarter. So out of curiosity, I ask my client why he purchase the 36610 pump so often and the model of ink he is using. My client told me he is using 299bk ink, which is high adhesive ink instead of common black ink, and this may be the reason why he needs to purchase 36610 Domino pump head so often.

36610 pump head long rotor for 299bk
36610 pump head long rotor for 299bk

In that afternoon, I check with our technician whether Domino common and high adhesive ink share the same 36610 pump. Then technician told me it’s not. The pump head with long rotor for high adhesive high is slightly different from inside than the 36610 pump for common ink, and price is lightly higher.

36610 pump head long rotor for 299bk
36610 pump head long rotor for 299bk

Though I don’t know what’s the exact difference between the pumps, from now on for each CIJ spare part, I need to pay extra attention and communicate well with clients, or else will unsatisfied parts will be sent. Now for those who use Domino high adhesive ink in your printer, special offer is on till 4th November. Same price as 36610 pump head for common black ink at $440 only. Buy on Ebay Now.

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