Markem Imaje 9040 Compatible Pressure Pump for White Pigment Leakage Problem

Yesterday my client sent us pictures about white pigment leaks from the compatible pump, he is a little unhappy about it, for it takes extra time and work to repair it. We feel very sorry about that but sometimes situation happens.

So we start to look for what cause the leakage. On the picture, we find that a screw was missing, from which pigment leaks out. Once the reason is found, the rest of work is to put the screw back with a “-“ screw driver, and the top of screw should be on the same horizontal level as the top of pump. There are odds that the compatible spare parts break down, such as printer shows warning signs or fail to read the compatible parts, please be cool and contact us with pictures or videos that shows the situation, our experienced technical team are always here to back you up.

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