Good News, the Compatible Markem Imaje Pumps Come with a Screw Driver Now

Ever since our client feedback that the screw comes off the pump and leads to pigment leakage, we have been finding ways to reduce the inconvenience as much as possible. Though it’s rare that the screw comes off the pump, once accident happens, how to repair the pump with the right tool become the primp matter.

Markem Imaje Compatible Pumps

Then we come with one solution, for clients who purchase more than 2 pieces of compatible Markem Imaje pressure/vacuum pumps, we will send a free screw driver along with the package. Let’s pray for the best, and prepare the right tool for you if something happens.

If you have any questions about the compatible Markem Imaje pressure/vacuum pump, please fill in below contact form, we will reply you asap.

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