How to Tell Domino GP & A Series Pump Repair Service Kit Apart

If you maintenance both Domino GP & A series pumps, and purchase pump repair service kit of both models, how to tell these two pump service kits apart? The easiest way is by identifying the two small balls. Take the 16 pieces set of A series pump repair kit for example, there are two small balls in the kit, while in a GP pump service kit, there will be no such balls, because GP pump doesn’t need them.

A Series & GP Pump Head Gear Repair Kit

Moreover, GP pump service kit usually contains ten small gadgets, this is the most common set and we recommend let’s keep it this way, no less or more, the 10 pieces GP pump gear kit will meet with your requirements. However, for the A series pumps, the full kit is of 16 pieces gadgets, but you could custom the numbers in one set by your demand. You could choose part of the gadgets from the 16 pieces, the most common A series pump repair kit gear is of 7 pieces, 10 pieces, 13 pieces and 16 pieces.

If you have any other questions, about the Domino pump head repair gear kit, such as how to use them etc, please feel free to contact us.

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