Don’t Forget to Install the Connector on Your Videojet Ink Core

One of my clients complains that the refurbished Videojet ink core he bought from me was broken, and the ink was spitting. So I ask him to send me a picture of how the Videojet ink core was leaking, that we can see if we could offer guidance to repair on site.

From the picture, we notice that there is a missing part, which is vital for the leakage because it contains sealing ring in it. This is the connector for Videojet 1000 series ink core, which perfectly covers the circled area.

After replacing the Videojet ink core, please don’t forget to install this part, it’s small but important.

Apart from forgetting to install the sealing part, there is another reason that may lead to ink leakage, the leakage in tube, which takes more work to fix it. We need to recycle the good tubes from old ink core, and then apply them on the replacement. Please check on below videos of how to recycle the tubes.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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