What If the White Pigment Markem Imaje Shows No Pressure

As white pigment is stickier & with large particles than standard black ink, it easily causes the pressure pump stuck & therefore 0 pressure faulty notice pops up.

When we come across this situation, no worries, take a deep breath & let’s fix it. Chances are the pump is stuck, we just need to soak the white pigment pressure pump in cleaning solution and clean it up. If you want to have a thorough clean, say open the pump to have a deeper cleaning, please do remember don’t screw the screws too tight or too loose when you assemble the pump back. The three pieces of M3 screw torque should be 14kgfcm. If the screws are too tight, the pump will lock itself & stop working at all; if it’s too loose, ink will leak.

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