Two Types of Markem Imaje 9040 Print Head

Markem Imaje 9040 got two types of print heads, one with single jet, the other one with bi/twin jet. Let’s see how these two print heads differ from each other.

The part number of Imaje 9040 single jet print head is ENM35370, print module(9040-1G-L=3 meter). 1.1G means it’s with single jet nozzle, printing effect up to 4-line per time, umbilical 3 meters long.

The part number of Imaje 9040 bi/twin jet print head is ENM35372, print module(9040-1.2G-L=3 meter). 1.2G stands for bi/twin jet, it can print up to 8 lines per time.

Also ENM53370 & ENM35372 are for standard black ink printer 9040 model only, they are not compatible with 9040 Contrast model, which applies white pigment.

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