Markem Imaje Refurbished ENR36868 9040 Contrast Print Head

Here we are going to clarify a little bit that refurbished Markem Imajeprint head for standard black ink, does not compatible with white pigment printer. That is because the structure of white pigment is far more complicated than standard black ink, which is thicker and powder-ish. If you keep the white pigment still for a while, you will see there are three layers, on top is oily material, the middle one looks like just liquid, the bottom one is heavy white powder, while in standard black ink you will not see such layers.

So when the Imaje Contrast printer is on, it takes extra effort for the pumps & print heads to work with the sticky, powder-ish consumable. What will happen if we insist to install the spare parts for 9040 on a 9040 Contrast? Well for starter, the spare parts work fine for a few days, or weeks, then it will stop working, for the white pigment working situation is more than the parts can bear anymore. For Markem Imaje pumps, print heads, please tell us if they are applied on standard black ink printer such as 9040, 9450 etc, or on the colored pigment Contrast model.

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