Robot as Hitachi CIJ Printer, It Can’t Survive Sea Water

In May we sold a refurbished Hitachi RX printer to a client, let’s call him/her A. We follow up the routine purchasing procedure, pictures of the printer were sent to A for confirmation first, then payment was done, had the refurbished printer tested, took pictures & video while the printer was running, and finally deliver.

When A received the printer, all of us take a deep breath, for we thought the printer arrived there safe & sound, what we need to do next is to wait for client A to test the printer on his side. If there is something going wrong(probably due to the bumping during transportation), we will conduct a online trouble shooting guidance, most of the problem can be solved by this way; if the printer works just well, it can’t be any better then.

However, there is always a twist, A told us the carton packing of the Hitachi is soaked, also the printer looks damp. We advised A not to turn on the printer, instead, try dry the printer inside out with hot air, after the printer is completely dried, turn it on see if it can run or not. The result is not what we are looking for, so we start the journey of insurance claim, which I will not share in here to bore you. All in all, robot as Hitachi CIJ printer, it’s not water proof.

I think of this not-so-smooth order, what I learn are:

  1. It’s important to have the testing videos & pictures. They not only assure customers that the product is in good shape, but also play a vital role in insurance claim.
  2. There always be solutions for a problem, which is not time, but join effort between supplier & customer. Instead of whining, yelling & complaining, we should calm down & take a look at the situation, list all the possible solutions to help lessen the loss.
  3. Good quality products are the foundation of business & clear communication helps sales.

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