If You Find Some Items Are Missing, Let’s Talk with the Courier

Last week a new client T ordered 10 pieces of compatible Linx Main Ink Filter FA73044 . I arranged the FA73044 main filters the other day and sent them by DHL. I have to say, DHL is quite fast, it took only three days for the parcel to reach T’s workshop. However, when T received it, he told me two of the main filters were missing, he received only 8 pieces.

This is tricky, because I packed exactly 10 pieces of filter inside the carton box, and wrapped it round with tape, it’s quite impossible for the filters to jump out of the package by themselves unless the parcel was opened by others. So I asked T if there was any sign of the parcel being opened, so we can trace the reason why there were two pieces of filters missing.

T & me tried to find out the reason of missing two filters
T & me tried to find out the reason of missing two filters

Finally, the mistery is revealed, the missing two compatible Linx main ink filters were in DHL warehouse. It’s a relieve that T got the complete 10 pieces filters back. And thank goodness that we always pack our parcels so tight that it shuts any possible excuses that the missing is due to poor packing. And of couse, sending products & package pictures to clients first, to build up mutual trust is the vital key in business.

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