Give us a Part’s Picture, We Will Try Our Utmost to Find it

One day a client sent a picture of this part & asked me to quote asap, cause summer holiday is coming, he really needed this part badly.

However, when I checked my price list for FA73530, whose name is Barb Double Ended. I can’t find this part neither by part number nor by name, and the picture in the graph is too blurr for technician to identify it.

Pictures from customer

So I asked client for a clearer picture of the FA73530 he is looking for(the one in left). Then it really started to shed some light on the spare part hunting. With the information of it’s using in print head, to connect φ2.2mm tubes, also with the help of a senior Linx technician, we finally found both the comptible & original refurbished FA73530 Barb Double Ended.

Compatible & Refurbished Original FA73530

As you can see, the compatible FA73530 looks exactly the same as the picture client sent me, but it’s made of plastic, price is much much cheaper. The refurbished original one, which is made of stainless steel, quality is better & of course price is higher. If we look closer, the appearance of our FA73530 is not the same as the one client sent me. Technician explained that this is because the parts are made in different countries & sometimes parts of different batches look different too.

After clearing all the questions & time keeps running out, we send the original refurbished Barb Double Ended as well as some cheaper compatible FA73530 to client for back up as soon as possible.

We are thankful to have a group of senior & devoted CIJ printer technicians to help us testing procuts, coping with service issues & finding rare parts that never seen before.

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