Compatible Pumps Portfolio

If you are looking for robust compatible pumps for your continuous inkjet printer, such as Domino, Markem Imaje, Linx & Videojet, here are what we can provide.

Domino Pump Heads

Above are the comptible pump heads for Domino GP and A series.

For the GP pump head, there is nothing tricky in there, just tell your supplier you are looking for a pump comptible to Domino GP series, he/she will do the work automatically.

However, the pump heads for Domino A series desert a little more attention if you want to order fast & accurately. There are basically two types of Domino A series pump head, one with long motor & the other with short motor. Besides, if you are doing repair job for a white pigment Domino, we got a stronger version of pump for that, don’t be shy and ask for it. If you install a pump for black ink in a white pigment printer, the pump will work for a while but soon breaks down. You could clean the pump head and apply in a printer with black ink if the pump isn’t too worn out.

Compatible Markem Imaje Pumps

Also we have one version of pump for standard MI black ink CIJ printer, and another stronger version for white pigment, which is with the black coating. For more info about how to tell the pressure pump from vacuum pump apart, please kindly refer to our previous post Lesson 101 of Telling CIJ Pumps Apart.

Linx 7900 Pump Head

Apart from 7900, we also have 4900, 5900 pump with and without motor.

Videojet Pump Head & Pump with Motor

Here are the compatible Videojet pump heads.

Pump Gear Repair Kit

If you find that you just need to change the gears inside the pump, please let us know which gears you need, we can sell these parts seperately. Linx, Markem Imaje, Domino pump gear repair kit available. The gear kits for Domino GP & A series look quite similar, please refer to How to Tell GP & A Series Gear Kit Apart for more info.

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