You Want Original MI Parts Only? We Have Them Too

There are clients who insist on original Markem Imaje parts, especially the ENM5044 electrovalve. Despite the compatible ENM5044 is good, in the end, it’s not as good as the original. Original ENM5044 works longer & smoother.

If you prefer original MI parts, we have them too. However, we don’t have much say in pricing, as we got to purchase them from local agent & price is on the way up all the time. Markem Imaje usually raises its spare parts’ price at the end of year, so better finish the deal in time.

If the original new spare parts are beyond budget, maybe the refurbished one are your next best choice. The refurbished parts are original parts taken from old printers, most of them are in good condition, we price them based on their condition & how many of them we have in stock. The refurbished parts’ price various from time to time too, if you know you are going to order one, and the quote is within your budget, just go get it. The hope that price will decrease as time goes by doesn’t always work on refurbished CIJ printer parts, its price may be lower, or higher, or the part simply sold out.

Contact us if you want to know more about Markem Imaje parts.

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