The Compatible ENM5044 Is Not Good

“Hi Connie, the compatible ENM5044 is faulty. You see, the viscosity is not right.”

Viscosity Problem

I can feel the frustration of my client when he told me the compatible ENM5044 causes some problems when he maintained the MI 9040 CIJ printer. I know the compatible ENM5044 performs not as well as other compatible CIJ spare parts, for it is with delicate components in it. However, let’s not jump to the conclusion so fast, before we resending you a new compatible ENM5044 for replacement, shall we rule out the other factors that may cause the printer warning first? Or else the MI printer will continue to show warnings after you install a well function ENM5044.

Take my client’s MI warning for example, we can see there is no data shown on viscosity, so we could check the below parts first:

  1. Check viscosity valve
  2. Check viscometer
  3. Check tubes related to viscometer

Once finish checking above sectors but the warning is still there, then let’s change a new ENM5044. All I want to say is, I know there are so many competitors in the market and I’m grateful that you choose us. If there is something wrong with the parts I send, please feel free to drop us the question, we will provide few solutions first to rule out the potential faulty sector, after everything is clear, let me resend the parts & let’s solve it together.

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