The Compatible Part Is Too Weak? We Got Refurbished One For You

Most of our compatible spare parts for CIJ printers(Domino, Linx, Markem Imaje, Videojet, Hitachi, etc) such as filter, fan, keyboard membrane, empty cartridge, chip, etc are fine.They are not as good as the original parts, but not much less than them, you don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of night to fix them. Actually you don’t have to worry at all, we have them all tested before launching to market, besides, our technicians are using them in domestic factories too.

However, not every technician shares the same maintenance experience. Take this FA73006 Linx 3-way connector. Our technicians think it’s fine, but my client bets a diffeent.

Compatible Linx FA73006 3 Way Connector(3MM)

The compatible FA73006 is made of plastic, which is too weak to replace the original one made of metal. So if you prefer an original one, please let us know, we always have refurbished parts.

Refurbished Original FA73006

Another example goes all the way around. Our technician prefer a refurbish pump membrane, because it’s harder and is able to provide higher pressure, while my client choose the softer compatible one.

Hitachi 451586 Compatible Pump Membrane

In the end, it’s you who is doing the on site maintenance work, and your opinion towards the compatible or refurbished parts that matters. Feel free to contact us & let us know which one do you like.

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