The Differences Between Markem Imaje Main Filter ENM5934 & ENM37176

Markem Imaje Main Filter ENM5934 & ENM37176
ENM5934 & ENM37176

Here is our compatible ENM5934 & ENM37176 main ink filter for Markem Imaje, do you wonder why two main filters look exactly the same, but got two different part numbers. Are they the same part with different part number?

You know what, at first I’m confuse too, until one of my clients asked me to send him 20 pieces of compatible Markem Imaje main ink filter for white pigment, then I realise, it’s not ENM5934, which I usually sold to him, but ENM37176 that he was looking for this time.

We really can’t tell these two Markem Imaje main filters apart from the appearance, but the are not the same from the inside. ENM5934 is designed for black ink, which has a finer inner filtering material of 10 micron; ENM37176 on the other hand, if for white pigment Markem Imaje CIJ printer, which with 20 micron inner filtering.

Now are we clear?

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