A150i A350i Empty Cartridges Available Now

Domino Ax series is a rather new model compared to A/A+ series CIJ printer. We receive inquiries regarding empty cartridges for A150i/A350i ink/solvent from time to time, however, as the A150i & A350i ink/solvent must work with RFID, we can’t just sell you the bottles, because you are not able to use it unless with new RFID.

Now good news, we’ve sucessfully tested the A150i/A350i ink & solvent RFID and the yellow empty cartridges are fianlly able to be sold. Please contact us for more info if you have further questions about these new cartridges.

While we are promoting the compatible cartridges for new printer model, it doesn’t mean we stop selling liquid bottles for old CIJ models. Just drop us an inquiry and you will see if we could provide what you are looking for.

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