Used Videojet 1220 CIJ Printer for Sale

Second Hand 1220 CIJ Printer Running Perfectly

Howdy mates, how is your summer holiday. Back to business, we have some second hand Videojet CIJ printers in stock for sale. Despite the word “used” is not an accurate adjective to describe the condition of a printer, no worries, here are more detail in pictures & video for your reference.

As we are always saying a picture tells more than a thousand words, how about a video featuring one of the most concerned parts-umbilical.

Apart from the regular Videojet 1000 series models, we also have UHS models in stock too. It will take us two days to run the used printer again for final test, then they are ready to go.

Please feel free to drop us an inquiry if you are looking for a good condition second hand Videojet continuous printer.

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