Please Check Your Package Before Signing

We always pack all the parts carefully and deliver via reliable courier companies like DHL, Fedex & UPS, sometimes EMS if you insist. Despite we send you the inkjet printer spare part pictures for last approval before delivery & choose good service courier companies, we can’t rule out the chance that some parts are just get broken during the transportation. Take this compatible Domino A320i ink module for example.

Here are our pictures before delivery.

But this is what my customer sent me.

A320i Cartrige Missing a Tube
Compatible A320i Ink Module Went Broken

It’s very upsetting to see inkjet spare parts arrived broken, espeically we have done everything we could to prevent such unhappy thing from happening. It’s difficult to ask courier company to refund, most costs are shared by buyer & seller, but if we could check the parcel before signing, at lease we may be able to lessen our lost a little bit.

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