What Should We Pay Attention To When We Buy a Linx 4900 Pump

Linx 4900 Pump wiht Motor
Refurbished Linx 4900 Pump wiht Motor

There are two types of Linx pump assy for 4900/7300, one with long rotor and the other with short rotor. When you are going to order the Linx pump assy, please send us the picture of the pump you are currently use, so that we can tell if it’s with long or short motor. By this way, we could avoid sending the wrong pump to you, despite both pumps are of the same price.

Some client prefer refurbished original pumps, while some go for compatible ones, which is more affordable and perform no less than the original ones. If you happen to look for Linx 4900 7300 7900 etc pump with or without motor, please feel free to contact us.

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