A Stronger Type of Vacuum Pump for MI White Pigment

As white pigment is thicker than standard black ink, the pigment is easliy stuck on the pump head which leads to the pump fails to work. By applying compatible standard pump head ENM4259 on pigment Markem Imaje printer, it could work for one or two weeks, but then stop, for it’s not designed to bear with such cohisive liquids.

ENM4295 Vacuum Pump
ENM4295 Vacuum Pump

For this issue, we have developed a stronger type of vaccum pump for the pigment printer. It’s been tested & performs well. It’s comptible Markem Imaje 9040 & 9450C continuous inkjet pigment printer.

9040 9450C Vacuum Pump for Pigment
9040 9450C Vacuum Pump for Pigment

If you want to know more about this stronger vacuum pump, please feel free to contact us.

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