How We Test the Refurbished Printheads before Delivery

To be very honest, every time we sell a refurbished print head, we start to pray & test it at the same time. Here we are going to reveal what we do after we receive your order of a refurbished printhead, no matter it’s of Markem Imaje, Linx or Videojet, the testing process is similar.

The process begins actually before the order, when you inquire about a printhead, let’s say a Linx MK7, we will check how many of them we have in stock. Say if we have several in stock, then I will choose one with good condition, send pictures together with quotation to you. If you are ok with it, then I will lock up the printhead on our office system in case others sell it. However, if you prefer a more price-friendly printhead, then I will find another one with less appealing condition and then repeat the pictures taken and quotation process.

All these refurbished printheads in stock are tested and washed when we take them, but after laying on the shelf for a long time, there maybe some block here and there. So we will test them again before delivery. We will install the printhead on printer, then run the printer for at leaset one day. A video of printer working parameter & printhead printing effect will be sent to you. Here is the process of how we test your refurbished printhead, if you are interested, please feel free to contact. 

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